Survivor Review: Planting the Seed

It is nearly impossible to follow up last week’s episode of Survivor, when the audience was given a glance at just how pathetic Russell Hantz is as he broke down in tears after being eliminated from the show. Hey pal, here is a spinning newspaper for ya: this is just a reality TV show; you are a dime a dozen, you self-centered waste of space. Now that we don’t have to watch a person who is the epitome of what is wrong with the world, we are left with a show that has plenty of other characters to analyze.

This week’s episode started off with the usual duel at Redemption Island which pitted Kristina versus the undefeated Matt. Predictably, Matt prevailed and sent Kristina packing. I think it is safe to say that Kristina sealed her fate during week one when she tried to take down King Kong Rob. While I applaud her efforts in this feat, I still think she would have been better suited in waiting until the game developed more. Matt, on the other hand, is showing ability by winning these duels, and if he makes it back into the game, it would be interesting to see the consequences.

Much of the episode centered on the Zapatera tribe, more specifically Krista and Stephanie. Let me say this, it is easy to see why these two dummies were aligned with Rotund Russell. Clearly these girls grew up watching Laguna Beach because they act like spoiled little brats who can’t get along with other kids in the lunch room. Their tribe mate Steve sincerely wanted to welcome them back into the tribe but the girls were not having any of it and instead offered their allegiance to Rob during the Redemption Island duel. I don’t know about you, but when your alliance consists of one other person and you have five enemies, I would be as nice to my opposition as possible in an attempt to get back in their good graces. Instead, Krista continually stated that no one else was playing the game. I really think someone needed to remind her that she wasn’t either. I understand we don’t see everything that happens, but not once did I see Krista or Stephanie socializing, lying, flirting, schmoozing or doing anything to help save themselves. Lying and manipulating is part of the game, and so far this season I haven’t seen enough of it.

This brings me to the one person who is playing the game, Rob. Although I am not a huge fan of his, I do have to admit that he has complete control of the game right now. Aside from having possession of the immunity idol, he also has possession of nearly all of his tribe mates. Believe it or not, his main concern should be Phillip. Phillip is the only one who wants Rob out, but unfortunately for him he has no one on his side. It looks as though the next time Ometepe loses a challenge, Phillip will be hitting the road, which is kind of a double edged sword. On one hand, he won’t be giving the post-game pep talks and throwing spears at crabs (absolutely priceless), but on the other hand, the idea of this insane person in a duel promises for some unintentional hilarity. As for this week’s challenge, Phillip lives to see another day as his tribe was victorious, winning a basket of delicious looking doughnuts and sending Zapatera to tribal council.

At tribal council, it was very clear who was going to be voted off, either Krista or Stephanie. Before she left, Krista spoke up about possible sub-alliances in the tribe, other members not playing the game correctly and a general distaste for pretty much everyone on the show. It is really no surprise to see her go. I mean, can anyone watch this girl, listen to her talk and think “wow she really has a chance to win Survivor!” No, no one thinks that because she’s an idiot. That leaves Stephanie at the bottom of the totem pole, being the next one to leave unless something miraculous happens. Overall, this episode was lackluster and very formulaic. There was nothing shocking that occurred, as only possible future story line seeds (i.e. the uprising of Phillip and the disbanding of the Zapatera alliance) were planted. It is hard to tell whether these seeds will begin to grow, or simply wither away and die, but either way it should be interesting to watch.

Season 22, Episode 5: We Hate Our Tribe (originally aired March 16, 2011)

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