Futurama Review: The New New Yorkers Are Still Funny

It’s summertime and that means the return of Futurama! Still one of the best animated shows out there – Fry (Billy West), Bender (John DiMaggio), Leela (Katey Sagal), Amy (Lauren Tom), Professor Farnsworth (West), Hermes (Phil LaMarr), Doctor Zoidberg (West), and Scruffy (David Herman) are back with new hijinks and adventures.

In the opener of season 6B, we first learn that Planet Express is about to go out of business unless they can come up with $11 million dollars, fast. The men decide they want to create a Planet Express girly calendar with Leela, Amy, and newly hired employee LaBarbara (Hermes’s wife) wearing skimpy outfits in provocative poses. When that doesn’t work the Professor decides that they should become a commercial aircraft, which had been Leela’s original idea.

They crash land on a planet where gender issues become heated and for a time they are transformed into genderless beings and are instantly able to get along and be productive. Soon though Hermes and LaBarbara demand to be given back their genders because being human isn’t just about being happy, it’s also about fighting and most importantly they miss doing the “rasty mcnasty.” So is THAT worth all the fighting? Apparently yes. But the mysterious rock alien accidentally assigns the wrong bits and pieces. Now the women must endure life as men and vice versa.

So what’s the lesson here? Seems like some things don’t change even if you’re a man who’s become a woman or a woman who’s become a man. Like complaining, asking for directions, or being cool with posing for a girly calendar.

The follow up episode asks the question, what would happen if we had a world overrun by Benders who kept multiplying infinitely, via Professor Farnsworth’s “Banach-Tarski Dupla-Shrinker” (which I found out is a real theorem). This all comes about when the Professor asks Bender to fold two sweaters and the ever so lazy robot decides to make two copies of himself to do the work for him. Well as exact duplicates they didn’t want to do the work either.

Soon the world’s alcohol supplies are depleted only to have the world’s water supply go out next because the Benders became sub-atomic particles that re-arranged H2O to C2H6O.

Along the way the Planet Express team delivers some giant-sized hygiene products to a very ugly giant (Patton Oswalt) who’s trying to make the best out of his situation. But he’s a giant so he can only be pushed so far before he feels the need to kill and destroy.

It was the Benders’ fault for pissing the giant off in the first place, multiplying and depleting the world of “resources” and all because Bender didn’t want to fold some sweaters. By the end though we’re left hanging whether or not he’s learned his lesson, social commentary on another group that’s lazy and over consumes perhaps?

In any case Futurama can comment all it wants because it continues to entertain and deliver the storylines that keep me glued. Fans can also rejoice as the show will continuously air through the summer, so be ready for a new episode every week! Or at least that’s what David X. Cohen says.

Season 6 Episodes 14 Neutopia and 15 Benderama (Originally aired June 23, 2011)

Pictures Courtesy of Futurama TM and (c) 2010 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All Rights Reserved.


  1. A true Banach-Tarski device would:
    (a) not require additional matter
    (b) consume the original sweater
    (c) produce two sweaters each of the original size

  2. A true Banach-Tarski device would:
    (a) not require additional matter
    (b) consume the original sweater
    (c) produce two sweaters each of the original size

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