Pretty Little Liars Review: Spencer Gets Suspicious…Again

Last week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars was very much a setup episode for future events so imagine my pleasure this week when things actually started happening! And no time is wasted as the episode beings with our girls chatting it up during a movie only to find the mysterious hoody figure in there with them. He/she attacks and it appears our girls are officially in trouble but just in the nick of time, Spencer wakes up from this nightmare. Phew.

Granted, this is only my third episode watching the series but I’ve already pegged Spencer as the uber paranoid one. Sure, she may well have good reason to be constantly freaked out but it seems like she’s always looking for trouble and shouldn’t be surprised when she gets it. Her list of curious activity in this episode included:

  • Being awoken by her sister, Melissa, panicking over her lost wedding ring before rushing away for a mysterious phone call.
  • Seeing a mysterious figure in the window of Jason’s house after he claims to be living alone.
  • Suspecting Jason of having something to do with Alison’s death after remembering a weird night when Alison had to escape one of his parties.
  • Finding her sister’s wedding ring and then promptly hawking it to buy Toby (with a surprisingly great bod) a dumpy old pickup.
  • Following her sister as she sneaks out of the house late at night to retrieve a bag of meds from some fellow named Wren (Julian Morris).

So, yeah…she was pretty busy this week. And with all of this stuff going on its hard to imagine her or any of the girls getting fully out of this mess to live normal teenage lives again. But I suppose that’s what makes for addicting television.

On the Hanna front this week, her dad is still hanging around and getting extra chummy again with her mom. Mommy dearest writes it off as two people just becoming friends again after a lot of water has gone under the bridge and by the way Ashley Benson was playing the role I thought Hanna wasn’t happy about it. Imagine my surprise though when she erases a text from her dad’s girlfriend before he can see it. The text appeared to be one professing love (because clearly text messages are the most appropriate venue for that) but I guess dear old dad will have to find out some other way…that is unless he falls back in love with mom first!

Hanna also tries to find a new way to occupy her free time by joining the yearbook club with her friend (and once love interest?) Lucas (Brendan Robinson) who is cute in a dorky kind of way. It would seem that Hanna is trying to make amends with him for something by setting him up with a cute girl in the club. At first he seems resistant but then Hanna says some surprisingly mature things that make him think, “Hmmm maybe I should put an effort into getting laid.” At least that’s what I’m guessing he thought.

Next up is Aria who I’m slowly deciding needs to be slapped. Last week, her inappropriate BF Mr. Fitz peaced out of teaching high school to move onto Hollis University so naturally Aria decides to take an extra course there – pottery no less. All seems fine at first but guess who also happens to be in the class – that creepy blind girl, Jenna (Tammin Sursok)! Aria tries to play it cool by calling herself Anita (worst fake name EVER) and hoping someone without vision will never notice, but of course they end up after class alone together where Jenna starts to get a little emo about her pottery project and then immediately figures out that its Aria when she starts talking. And thus what could have been a recreation of the classic scene from Ghost instead becomes scary when Jenna angrily insists on Aria blowing out the only remaining light in the room. Nothing else really happens, but I like to imagine that things got weird.

And finally we have Emily who didn’t feature too prominently this week but continued her swimming scholarship drama. As we saw last week, she has a shot at a great scholarship but likely won’t be considered if her parents carry through with their move to Texas so Emily plots sending them a doctored letter that promises her the scholarship if she stays put. The girls are split on whether or not she should go through with this plan but ultimately she decides not to after a little heart to heart with her mom. She rips up the fake letter and tosses it in the garbage to be gone forever…or so she thinks. The next day her mom rushes in with the mail and makes her read it. Sure enough, its the fake letter she wrote and the move to Texas is officially cancelled. Upon searching her garbage in a panic Emily finds a note from ‘A’ suggesting that she needs Emily to stay in town to continue the game of cat and mouse. Creepy.

The episode then ends with the mysterious hoody character buying back Melissa’s ring from the pawn shop. I do so love a stalker with means.

See ya next week!

Pretty Little Liars, Season 2, Episode 3: “My Name Is Trouble” (originally aired June 28, 2011)

Pretty Little Liars airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC Family.

Images courtesy of Adam Rose and ABC Family.

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