Pretty Little Liars Review: A Funeral For A Foe

Another round of revelations burst forth on this week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars in the aftermath of last week’s shocking discovery of Ian found dead from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound along with a suicide note admitting that he killed Alison. The girls are mostly pleased to have one less bad guy to worry about it but we all know that it ain’t that simple and Emily is intent on proving it.

What I found most interesting about this week’s episode was the changing of roles for Emily who essentially took over the role of detective from the show’s usual sleuth, Spencer. She does a pretty good job of it too! After getting a text from A asking if she thought Ian’s suicide note looked familiar, she takes a closer look and notices that it is made up entirely of texts that A has sent to the girls, which suggests that he/she wrote the note and maybe even killed Ian too.

Emily then stumbles upon a gent named Logan Reed who was apparently involved in the night that Alison died. She questions him to find out who hired him for the pickup and he reveals that he was hired by “a woman”…hmmmm. Emily tries to share this information with the rest of the girls but Spencer in particular is completely over it and just wants to try to move on. So instead, Emily shares the information with Officer Garrett (Yani Gellman) who says he’ll look into it but then gives Logan a bag of money to leave town and calls Jenna of all people to say that its taken care of! SAY WHAT?! These are some seriously shady ladies. And by ladies I mean people on this show of all genders.

With Emily doing all of the legwork this week you might be asking, “What did Spencer do in her time off from mystery solving?” Well, for starters, in a bout of guilt over losing her sister’s engagement ring from Ian she tries to do something nice by convincing her parents to throw a funeral for Ian when none of his family steps forward to take responsibility. This is certainly a genuine attempt to help Melissa grieve, but I will never understand why the four girls stood front and center at the cemetery to toss dirt onto his grave first. Shouldn’t Melissa have been in that position? And did no one else present find this odd? Maybe I’m thinking about it too much.

Anyway – Spencer later tries to tell Melissa about the engagement ring fiasco but just then a phone rings from inside her bag and sure enough she takes it out and Melissa recognizes it as Ian’s phone (which we saw A place into Spencer’s bag last week) and assumes that Spencer has been the one texting her since Ian has apparently already been dead for a week. Melissa freaks out, throws shit, and declares that she’ll never forgive Spencer for this. Chalk up one more coup to A!

On the Aria front this week, more sparks flew between her and Jason when he shows up at her house with her turd of a brother, Mike, who Jason caught trying to break into his house. We then learn that the mysterious hoody character that’s been breaking into everyone’s homes in recent weeks has been Mike  because “he’s bored.” He may or may not be A’s stooge but I really dislike this kid with a passion and foresee nothing but bad things happening to him in the weeks to come. Just sayin’.

Aria and Jason also have another encounter at the funeral for which he unexpectedly shows up. When Aria asks why he is there he says that its a form of relief for finally knowing that he wasn’t the one who killed Alison. He goes on to admit that he was super hammered the night she died and can’t remember anything other than waking up with a wicked hangover and a note that says, “I know what you did.” I need not point out the blatantly obvious ripped-off movie plot point but I think its safe to say that we can add him back to the suspect list.

Aria is also a bit peeved with inappropriate Mr. Fitz as of late when he fails to recognize their relationship in public out of the obvious fear that its going to be seriously frowned upon. I really don’t see these two lasting much longer…especially when Aria starts getting it on with Jason. Trust me. It’ll happen.

And finally we have Hannah who had very little to do this week beyond teasing that she would wear a racy, red cocktail dress to the funeral and sending some sass towards Caleb’s horrible foster mom for treating him like a piggy bank. It was a cool moment for her but mostly felt like episode filler until Caleb came over to thank her for it and it ended with a kiss. So I guess they’re back on but somebody give that poor boy a haircut.

The episode ended with Emily getting another clue from A that led the girls to the cemetery where a movie is projected onto one of the tombs showing Ian and Alison after their little tryst the night she died with Ian happily leaving her after their romp thus effectively proving his innocence. So with the list of shady characters growing by the episode its still hard to say who killed Alison, but the more immediate question is: was that Mike running the projector and why oh why might he be A’s little hooded helper? Hopefully more clues to follow next week!

Pretty Little Liars Season 2, Episode 5: “The Devil You Know” (originally aired July 12, 2011)

Pretty Little Liars airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC Family.

Images courtesy of ABC Family.


  1. I’m still here bitches, and I know everything.

    Follow me on Twitter @PrettyLittleTxt


  2. I’m still here bitches, and I know everything.

    Follow me on Twitter @PrettyLittleTxt


  3. Don’t you wish you knew who i was find out liars

  4. Don’t you wish you knew who i was find out liars

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