Grey's Anatomy Review: Guys Rule

I always appreciate the way Grey’s Anatomy remains fresh and unique after so many seasons.  Creator Shonda Rhimes takes a creative approach to storytelling, for sure.  Remember last season’s musical episode?  I hated it, but it was different.  This week’s episode was told from the male perspective.  It was a good effort, and they are certainly nice to look at.  But the men just aren’t as interesting as Meredith & Co.  In fact, they were rather dull by comparison.

The episode opens with each character doing an omnipotent voice-over where we hear their musings about the differences between the sexes.  Women are more emotional and have better memories, so they never forget a hurtful misstep.  Men are good at fending off an attack and confront challenges differently than women do.  These obvious Venus/Mars comparisons set the tone for the episode, which gives a previously unseen look at a day in the life of the male doctors at Seattle Grace.

Karev and Avery are each trying to prove that they can handle solo surgeries.  Derek remains a long way from forgiving Meredith.  She’s no longer on his surgical service, and he’s taking his frustration out on her replacement, Karev.  Owen is still adjusting to his role as Chief.  He misses being down in the trenches and has to get used to pushing paper around.  His predecessor also needs to adjust to life as one of the guys.  The residents still think of him as Chief, and he’s wiser than his newfound peers.  Mark has the baby by himself while Arizona and Callie attend a conference out of town.  Ben discovers that Bailey has moved on to Eli the nurse and he can’t believe it.

Each one of the fellas has a stressful personal issue to deal with, and they all cope in different ways.  As was mentioned at the opening, men don’t discuss feelings much.  It’s because they don’t want to, not because they don’t have those feelings.  Instead of discussing their feelings, the men took their frustration out in other ways.

Derek is still building their new home and has took it upon himself to complete the deck.  I don’t think he really knows what he’s doing, but pounding on things probably makes him feel manly and in control.  Every day the guys come over to “help” Derek with this deck, and soon they are hammering and sawing the pain away.  They seem to take solace in uniting in something simple yet cathartic.  Eventually they open up and share their feelings, but it took a while.

This is an emo show anyway, so I already knew that the guys’ had a sensitive side.  It was good to switch things up a bit, but there is more emotion and drama from the womens’ perspective.  Still waters run deep, but they don’t make for exciting television.  Good episode, but I missed the drama.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 8, Episode 4: “What Is It About Men” (original air date October 6, 2011).

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays at 9/8c on ABC.

Images courtesy of ABC.


  1. I so dislike where Derek’s character is going so much that I am close to not watching the show again. I have been watching Grey’s since it has began.

  2. I so dislike where Derek’s character is going so much that I am close to not watching the show again. I have been watching Grey’s since it has began.

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