Extra Services from LOVEFiLM

LOVEFiLM already has a lot going for it. One of the best and most flexible rental services available in the UK and across Europe, LOVEFiLM allows you to choose a payment plan that suits you, meaning that you rent whatever you want, whenever you want it, and don’t pay a penny in late fees.

However, their great services don’t start and end with film rental: you can also rent television shows and console games from the LOVEFiLM website, and even catch up on all the latest film news and
new releases.

LOVEFiLM’s rental packages work on a disc system rather than an individual film system. That means that when you choose a package, it doesn’t allow you a certain number of films per month, but a certain number of discs. That means that you can use this allotted number to include TV series, and if you pick a package that includes game rental, it can also include video game discs or cartridges.

But what LOVEFiLM has to offer isn’t all embodied in physical discs sent to you via the post. Recently, LOVEFiLM added the LOVEFiLM player to their site, an instant streaming service that allows you to watch films on your computer straight from the LOVEFiLM website. There is no need to download anything or mess around with installing software; you can literally stream over five thousand titles straight to your PC, PS3 or internet enabled TV to watch instantly.

You may realize that there is much more to LOVEFiLM than meets the eye! Exploring the website at http://www.lovefilm.com/ is a great way to see everything else that the service has to offer, including all the latest film reviews and releases in the Reviews section of the site. Whereas on other sites it can be difficult to find reviews and comments on older releases, the LOVEFiLM site maintains a huge archive of both staff and customer reviews, even of films which were releases many years ago. This means that you can just as easily decide whether to rent a retro James Bond flick with Sean Connery, or the most recent Daniel Craig outing, Quantum of Solace.

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