Grey's Anatomy Review: One Step Too Far

Last week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy was heart wrenching.  It also illustrated why most couples don’t work together and why professional and personal lives should be kept separate.  Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) has been trying to narrow her area of concentration while preparing for her Boards.  Derek (Patrick Dempsey) wants her to return to neurology, and she considers it.  He and Lexie have been working with a 27 year-old patient, a bubbly recent law school graduate with a promising future.  She has a cyst in her brain that has been causing dizziness and seizures, and Derek and Lexie can easily remove it.  It seems like a relatively minor procedure, as far as brain surgeries go.  The patient also has a brain tumor, but it’s benign and Derek wants to leave it alone.  If it causes a problem later, they’ll deal with it at that time.

Derek, Lexie, and Meredith perform the surgery, but Derek is called away to help with another patient.  He leaves Meredith in charge, and she does an excellent job until they see the tumor.  They have already successfully drained the cyst, but the tumor is right there.  Even though they said they’d leave it, neither Lexie nor Meredith sees the big deal in removing it now.  They try to page Derek, but he was pulled in to help Alex’s intern’s premature baby.  Using their best judgment, they remove the tumor.  When Derek finds out, he’s livid.  He tells Meredith that they won’t know if the surgery was successful until the patient wakes up.  When the patient regains consciousness, her parents are there.  She recognizes them and smiles, but when she goes to speak she cannot articulate any words.  A lawyer who cannot speak has no career.  I mean I’m sure there are some deaf attorneys out there, but you get my point.  It’s heart breaking!! Lexie and Meredith really screwed the pooch.  They should have left the tumor alone, because it was benign.  That was NOT the reason they were going in there.  Meredith and Derek learn the hard way that they should not work together.  It takes a toll on their professional interaction and their marriage.

While Meredith has a professional setback, Cristina (Sandra Oh) suffers a personal one.  She thinks Owen (Kevin McKidd) is cheating on her with Emily, one of the nurses.  She’s wrong, and she’s projecting her own insecurities on to him.  Granted, some of his behavior is suspicious, but he’s avoiding Cristina because he’s unhappy at home, not because he’s cheating.  Cristina and Emily clash at work over a patient who is reluctant to disconnect his husband from life support.  Emily has built a rapport with the patient’s husband and is more sensitive.  Cristina wants to just pull the plug.  Once again, the personal and professional worlds collide, with bad results.  Eventually Cristina confronts Emily and realizes that nothing is going on.  She tells Owen what happened and he says that while he did not cheat on her with Emily, he did cheat on her!!

Owen and Cristina aren’t the only ones facing infidelity.  Jackson’ mom returns to Seattle Grace, and she has a thing for Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.)  It’s understandable.  They are around the same age and are similarly accomplished.  Richard has been caring for Adele, so when the senior Avery invites him to a black tie event, he thinks it would be a nice change of pace.  But after Bailey warns him not to let things get muddied, he realizes he doesn’t trust himself around her and backs out.  This was a great episode that left many teasers.  I can’t wait for next week!

Season 8, Episode 16, “One Step Too Far” (original air date March 15, 2012).

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays at 8/7c on ABC.

Images courtesy of Vivian Zink and ABC.




  2. That episode was a trip, Avery finally got him some and poor christina, I dont know if her and owen will recover from this. They might as well just break up I mean damn stop dragging the cut through salt and lemons you know. Christina just needs to become a lesbian and end up with Teddy lol :) . But I am VERY curious who owen slept with?
    So much Drama!!
    and poor karev he has no good luck with women and he’s such a good guy to :( .
    Im excited to see how this season will progress and hopefully no more freaking 2 to 3 week break anymore the stopping mid-season was bad enough, They had Time!!!

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