Suits Review: A Dominating Kind of Love

I’m not sure anyone’s ever wanted to see Louis Litt in love, but on Thursday’s episode of Suits, that’s exactly what happened. It’s a stranger, more riveting sight you’re guaranteed to never see. Also, on last week’s episode, Harvey takes a blow to the heart and Mike takes control on a case that hits a little too close to home.

When we last left Suits, Louis (Rick Hoffman) had found his perfect match in Sheila (also known as female Louis). And as expected, when two Louis’ collide their courtship is some otherworldly exchange involving female domination, veiled innuendos, and sexual energy right out of the animal kingdom. It’s highly uncomfortable and totally riveting, so you can’t take your eyes off of it even as you’re wondering if they’ll ever be clean again. In spite of Louis’ turncoat ways over the season, it’s good to see him happy since he so rarely is without it being at another’s expense. Louis and Sheila’s collaboration very quickly have a brainchild when Louis hires Sheila’s recruit from Harvard as his newest associate. Like Sheila, Maria (the new associate) has all the power in this relationship. She impresses Louis right off with her strong and self-contained personality focused on winning (“I don’t care where I’m working, I’m a machine.”) that midway into their interview Louis is throwing out the other candidates and begging Maria to accept him. Who knew Louis was a secret sub?

So with this new information it’s probably going to hurt Louis even worse when both his dommes are stripped away from him. Turns out the “machine” wasn’t kidding, she does have quite the memory. And it’s that memory that gets her booted when she questions Donna about the firm’s hiring of Mike Ross. Didn’t they only hire from Harvard? With that new hornet in the nest, Harvey (Gabriel Macht) gets Jessica to force Louis to rescind his offer to Maria. Calling it a hiring freeze, Jessica tells Litt to make the offer disappear. And he does, with his sex life along with it.

If it’s any consolation though, Harvey’s not doing any better in the love department. After finally spending a romantic (though wholesome) evening with Zoe, the girl of his dreams, he’s crushed to find out that the one who got away is about to get away again. Zoe recently found out that her brother is terminally ill with cancer, so she’s moving away to raise her young niece. She just wanted one night with Harvey for what might have been. And apparently, it could have been something good.

Speaking of ‘what might have been,’ Mike (Patrick J. Adams) is hit with the past on their latest case. A long time client’s son is charged with hit and run after running over a pedestrian late at night and then fleeing the scene. It gets worse though later when the pedestrian dies in the hospital and it becomes a murder charge. Worse still, the prosecutor is a young lawyer named Katrina Bennett hoping to “take down a legend” and prove herself by besting Harvey. So to make this case a little less about personal ambition, Harvey drops out and leaves Katrina to Mike so that she won’t have nearly as much to gain by playing Hardball. That’s a good move to make, since above all Katrina just wants to impress Harvey so she’s ready to play nice.

So nice in fact that when Mike breaks attorney/client privilege to her and confesses that his client was high at the time of the accident she ignores it and lets a plea deal stand. Mike, whose parents were killed by a drunk driver, is disgusted when he learns that Harvey has hired Katrina thereby winning her favor in this case. He confronts Harvey and accuses him of being no better than the lawyer who cashed in on his family’s grief to offer them a too little settlement on his parents’ lives. Harvey, unwilling to be the bad guy, tells Mike that he had no choice. Knowing that Mike was going to put his career in jeopardy by breaking privilege, Harvey went to Katrina to get her on their side to prevent Mike’s career suicide. So anything that he’s done in this case, no matter how shady it was, he did it for Mike. But that won’t happen again.

Season 2, Episode 11: “Blind sided” (original airdate January 17, 2013.)

Suits airs Thursdays at 10/9c on USA Network.

Images courtesy of Shane Mahood/USA Network.

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