Pretty Little Liars Recap: It Was A Dark and Stormy Night


Wow. That’s all I can say. Tuesday night’s episode of Pretty Little Liars was a lot to take in. So much happened, but as is usual with PLL, I’m left with more questions than answers.

Where to start?

So last week Emily suggested Paige start seeing someone (like a counselor) about her anxiety issues. Paige tells Emily she has started talking to someone, but she doesn’t specify as to whom. Later, Hanna asks Emily to tail Caleb because she overheard him talking to someone on the phone about Mona and saying something about meeting. Emily does follow Caleb, but she gets called away by the other girls before she can see who he’s meeting. Turns out, Caleb is the person Paige is talking to, and they aren’t just talking. They’re planning to take down “A.” Be careful, kids. It’s a dangerous game.

Hanna wasn’t able to follow Caleb herself because she had a job interview with a famous fashion designer in Philly. But when Hanna arrives for the interview, she finds the place empty aside from a bunch of super scary hanging mannequins. Then she’s ambushed by someone who chases her around the room, terrifying her. The person makes a run for it before Hanna can see who it is, but it’s obviously someone on the “A” team.

Aria is still sick, and Meredith is still caring for her. The girls check in every so often, and they seem nervous about Aria’s dad (who definitely met up with Ali the night of her death) and Meredith. Aria trusts Meredith though (who knows why) so the girls let her be. Bad decision. Meredith is definitely up to something because she steals Aria’s phone. Things get weird when Aria wakes up to find Ali in her room. Ali tells her Meredith wants the diary, too. Then Ali leaves and Aria snaps awake – or so it seems. It seems like all of the girls have had weird dream-like encounters with Ali.

When Aria gets up she sees that she’s been locked into her room.  Meanwhile, Emily and Hanna have spotted Meredith buying pharmacy drugs that could be used to put someone to sleep (so that’s what is in the tea she’s been giving Aria!) and decide to go back to Aria’s.  Meredith gets their first and she and Aria have a confrontation. Meredith knocks Aria out, even, and it’s clear she is after the diary. When Emily and Hanna arrive, Meredith tricks them into going into the basement (HOW STUPID ARE YOU GIRLS?) where they find Aria, unconscious. Soon after, Aria’s dad arrives home. He goes down to the basement and checks that Aria is okay. His story is that he never hurt Ali – he refused to pay her. (If that’s the case, why is Meredith so concerned about those pages?) He says Meredith took off and the police are looking for her. He also says he’ll go tell the police about seeing Ali that night if it’ll make Aria believe him. She already does and she burns the pages.

And I wanted to strangle her.  WHYYYY, Aria? Whyyyyyyyy?

Aria may have gotten knocked and locked in the basement, but Spencer got the worst of it this week. It’s hers and Toby’s anniversary, and she’s planning to surprise him with dinner at his house. Even her mom is in on it. But, as we all know, Toby is part of the “A” team now, and according to Mona they are working under someone else’s direction. While at his house, Spencer finds evidence of his involvement, and she’s totally devastated. She freaks out, sobbing. Later she goes back to his house and cries through the door, begging to be told it isn’t true. But Toby’s not there – just Mona, enjoying the dinner by herself.

Like I said – wow. There was just so much going on! I really enjoyed the episode, though I’m still in denial about Toby. I really, really want him to be double agent, only pretending to help Mona so he can get information and stop “A” himself. He has been my favorite character since the beginning, so this storyline is KILLING me!

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Do you think Toby is really a bad guy? Tell us in the comments!

Season 3, Episode 16: “Misery Loves Company” (originally aired January 22, 2013)

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Pretty Little Liars airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC Family.

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