The Bachelor Recap: Tierra Takes a Tumble


So, so much drama this week. So much that it gave me a headache and I wasn’t even the one that fell down the stairs!

Breaking Records
The first day date went to Lesley M, and boy, was she in for a treat . . . kind of.  Sean picked her up from the house and took her to the Guinness World Records museum. (Oh, the world’s smallest woman! How romantic!)  Lesley smiled and put up a good show, but she was obviously wondering why on earth Sean picked this for their date.  And she soon found out.

Sean and Lesley have been given a task – to perform the longest on screen kiss. The record, previously, was three minutes and fifteen seconds, so they have to beat that by at least a second – in front of a huge crowd of people. And . . . wow, it was awkward. I mean, they were just kissing for kissing’s sake, so there was no real passion there. And it wasn’t even a make out! They just kept their lips together for over three minutes. I’m sure the other girls were probably envious, but ugh. I wouldn’t want that to be my date.

Later they did get some one-on-one time, and Sean gave Lesley a rose (of course). Dude, if he’d put her through that kiss and didn’t give her a rose, I’d be pissed!

Winning His Heart
The next day, twelve girls were sent on a group date with Sean – except that only six of them REALLY got a date.  The girls were split into two teams and made to play beach volleyball against each other. The winning team got to go on the second part of the date. The losing team went home whining.

Some members of the winning team were Desiree, Amanda, Lindsay, and Kacie B.  Sean got one-on-one time with all of them, but during his one-on-one time with Amanda, there was some eavesdropping. Amanda has been accused (by everyone) of being two-faced. With the girls she’s dark, sullen, and “creepy.” With Sean, she’s bubbly and sweet.  Desiree expressed frustration about this to the other girls, and Kacie B saw the drama as an opportunity.

I was seriously cringing and covering my eyes during the next scene. SO MUCH AWKWARD! During her alone time with Sean, Kacie decided to tell him about the tension. She whined and said how she “didn’t want to be the one” to tell him (as Joe Biden would say, that’s a load of malarkey).  She basically tattled on the girls, thinking his dislike of drama would make him turn against them.

That backfired (obviously). Sean pointed out that neither of the girls had said a thing to him, and he seemed really uncomfortable. Really, Kacie was the one bringing the drama to him, so of course he wasn’t pleased. Poor Kacie. Her chances for a rose went down the tubes right then.

The winner of that night’s rose was Lindsay.

The Roller Coaster of Love
The next day date went to Ashley. But just before Sean picked her up, Tierra fell down the stairs (some are questioning this, but I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt) and hit her head. An ambulance came, but Tierra refused to go to the ER. She said she was fine and acted embarrassed.  Sean went up to her room to check on her, leaving Ashley downstairs waiting for their date.  Everyone was frustrated, sure Tierra was playing the victim for attentions. Who knows. All these girls seem like drama queens to me.

Eventually, though, Sean came downstairs and took Ashley on her date – he’d had an amusement park shut down for the day just for Ashley, him, and two special guests. Two young girls who had met – and become best friends – on a website for kids with serious illnesses got to meet in person for the very first time.  Sean and Ashley took them around and spent the day with them, and all my cynicism about this show aside, it was actually super sweet.

Later, Sean and Ashley got to be alone, and Ashley talked about her experience with foster care and adoption. Sean seemed touched and gave her a rose.

What a Dog!
Just before the rose ceremony, Sean was feeling a little guilty about not spending any time with Sarah, so he brought her out for a surprise. At first, when a car pulled up, Sarah freaked out, convinced she was being sent home. She wasn’t, though. Instead, her dog was brought to her. Aww! That made me smile. I love dogs. I’d pick that dog over a beach volleyball game any day.

Roses are Red; Kacie is Blue
Then the ceremony happened. There was a lot of Sean stealing going on – especially by Tierra, who does come off very spoiled. No one but her really got more than a few seconds with him. And they were all worried. (Oh, come on, girls. You’ve known him for two weeks. Are you worried he’ll send you home or that you won’t be on TV anymore?)

Just when he was about to start the ceremony, Sean stopped and pulled Kacie B aside. He told her that he had too much respect for her to make her go through another rose ceremony when he knew this wasn’t right. He said they should stay friends and nothing more, and so she went home.

Then he started handing out roses. At the end of the ceremony, Taryn and Kristy were left standing. I felt bad for Taryn, who really hadn’t gotten to spend much time with Sean at all. Kristy, however, I was glad to see leave. She was the super braggy model girl – and man, her acting when she burst into tears at the end? So fake.

The numbers are dropping fast! Personally, I can’t wait until we get to the top five so I can keep everyone straight.  Do you think the right people went home? Do you think Tierra faked the fall? Was Kacie B’s tattling her down fall? Tell me what you think in the comments!

Season 17, Episode 3: “Week 3” (originally aired January 21, 2013)

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The Bachelor airs Mondays 8 p.m. on ABC.

Images courtesy of Rick Rowell, Matt Brown and ABC.

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