Glee Review: Turning Tables

It’s time to shake things off, Gleeks! And it all began with a little romance on this week’s Glee.

It was nice to see Ms. Tina Cohen-Chang get a little screen time, and it was all to the benefit of those ladies, à la the ones in the “Too Young to Be Bitter” club like Tina, Zizes and Becky are a part of, to feel empowered. Hence, the McKinley Sadie Hawkins dance was born. And, a lot of interesting couples emerged when the ladies took charge.

Finn, feeling a little unsure about how to inspire the recently defeated glee club – who don’t even have rights to the choir room anymore and find themselves practicing in the men’s locker room during spare minutes – gets a little advice from Beiste, who shares her own experience of her own Sadie Hawkins dance, the only time she got to go to a dance because she got to ask. It was the glee club’s turn to sing to the person they wanted to ask on a date.

Sweetly, Brittany sang to Sam, pulling Marley in on a fun, throwback rendition of “Tell Him,” when she notices that Marley is shy about asking Jake. Tina sings to Blaine, who embarrassingly turns her down in front of the whole club. At first, she apologized because she forgot that Blaine left his own school due to a Sadie Hawkins mishap. But he finally confided that he has a crush on Sam. Yes, his new bud, who is straight and was acting like a big conspiracy nut over the Warblers sectionals win. You’d think Blaine would be turned off by the craziness, but those lips! Who can resist, and even Tina laughingly agreed. The two agreed to go to the dance as friends, but it was clear throughout the night that Tina hadn’t let go of her own crush on Blaine.

Among the other hook-ups: Joe and Zizes and Sugar and Artie – both inspired by a rousing speech from Beiste to not be a wallflower. And, Kitty and Puck connected. At first he only stepped in to help out his brother Jake who’d been struggling with some easy lovin’ from Kitty versus the “wait for it” lovin’ from Marley. He smartly chose to support his relationship with Marley and take it as slow as she needs. Still, there was a sweet moment between the two when the audience learned that Puck has shared his screenplay with her, and that she’d actually liked it and thought he’d be good at it. Of course, they got down and dirty in the back of his car afterwards.

Back to the conspiracy! Sam was convinced that the Warblers couldn’t have pulled off all those insane dance moves and flips without a little help. Was it human growth hormones? Steroids? He had evidence too like before and after pictures and a roid-raged up Hunter going crazy over drinking Splenda at the coffee shop. Finn, being the adult now, told them it wasn’t enough evidence to raise such a horrible charge, but they also had Trent. That sweet, adorable, teddy bear Warbler that always has the most honest smile on his face when they’re performing. He always looked like the least evil one of the bunch! He no longer wanted to go along with what they were doing and was willing to speak out about it. I didn’t expect the twist, but it’s nice to see another Warbler get a real name, I always support bringing the Warblers more into the storyline and this could put the New Directions back in the annual glee game. (Though honestly, if they were also disqualified, wouldn’t The Rosedale Mennonites actually be the next in line?)

In New York, Rachel and Brody got a little closer. (Um, from slumber party for the first to a move-in invite already, Rachel?!) Kurt, having to share Rachel with her new man so much lately, had to get acclimated to NYADA on his own, and even met a cute, foreign student named Adam, who heads up NYADA’s own version of the glee club, The Adam’s Apples. (Cute!) The club is also social suicide, much like McKinley’s glee club used to be. Rachel warned Kurt, but I have a feeling that his budding interest in Adam will override the vocal shunning fear.

Sure, it was a little odd to have all these relationships pop up out of nowhere. And I’m still a little confused as to what’s really going on between Kurt and Blaine. But I loved this week because of the sheer absurdity –  from the crazy McKinley clubs to straight women loving gay men and gay men loving straight men to the whole conspiracy idea. That’s what I remember about Ryan Murphy and his touch on Nip/Tuck and Popular. That’s why I loved those shows, but it’s also why a ton of people could never hop on bored. Is it unbelievable? Yes. But at it’s core, it roots from truth and is a lot of fun to watch.

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“I Don’t Know How to Love Him,” from Jesus Christ Superstar. Sung by Tina. A-
“Baby Got Back,” by Sir Mix-a-Lot, a Jonathan Coulton cover. Sung by Marley, Puck, Sam, Brittany, Jake, Blaine, Kurt, Finn and New Directions. A-
“Tell Him,” by The Exciters. Sung by Brittany and Marley. B+
“No Scrubs,” by TLC. Sung by Artie, Blaine, Sam, Joe and Ryder. B
“Locked Out of Heaven,” by Bruno Mars. Sung by Marley and Wade/“Unique.” A-
“I Only Have Eyes for You,” by The Flamingos. Sung by Ryder. B+


  • “We’re gonna sing a song together, and the music usually starts when I say something like, ‘It’s Brittany, bitch’ or I do one of my magical turns.” – Brittany to Marley
  • “I realize Marley’s super sweet, and I’m sure you have great conversations when you share milkshakes down at the drive-in about how you both love President Eisenhower, but good luck getting past first base with that girl.” – Kitty to Jake
  • Kitty: You want to keep me away from your brother? Give me a big old yarn ball of muscles to distract me.
    Puck: Aren’t you underage?
    Kitty: I have a fake I.D.
    Puck: Good enough for me.
  • “Don’t eat the snowflakes. They’re fake and the glitter sticks to the roof of your mouth.” – Brittany
  • “Look, I usually avoid dating Jewish guys on account of your people killing my Jesus. I was willing to make an exception because of your biceps, but I’m gonna have to end this little experiment in religious tolerance if you don’t stop dancing like an idiot.” – Kitty to Puck
  • Puck: One night with me and I’ll have you studying for your Bat Mitzvah.
    Kitty: Not a chance. I like bacon too much.
  • “I noticed that whenever you look at Jake, you get a really sad look on your face, and if it’s quiet enough, I can actually hear that you’re whimpering like a suckling puppy.” – Brittany to Marley
  • Rachel: I like him, and I’m tired of second-guessing something that feels so right.
    Kurt: Mmhmm. Well, as long as you’re happy and I have a white noise machine, I guess I’m happy too.
  • Finn: I feel like we’re the Fugees or something just bouncing around from available classroom to available classroom.
    Coach Beiste: Wait, you mean like refugees?
    Finn: Yeah.

Season 4, Episode 11: “Sadie Hawkins” (originally aired Jan. 24, 2013)

Glee airs Thursday night at 9/8c on FOX.

Images courtesy of Eddy Chen/FOX.

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