Suits Review: The Louis Rehabilitation Treatment

On last week’s episode of Suits, Mike finally gets his stuff together just as Pearson Hardman is falling apart. There’s blood in the water, and the sharks are coming out to play. With the firm weak from an inner battle, a familiar enemy returns and they’re looking for the kill.

Last week, the buzz was all about “Pearson & Hardman,” more specifically, the fact that there is no more Pearson & Hardman in all but name thanks to Daniel Hardman’s nasty ousting from the firm. Daniel did a lot to split up loyalties in the firm, but now it’s up to Allison Holt (Diane Neal) to follow through on the rest.

You may recall that Allison was hired (via a recommendation from Daniel) to represent the firm against an accusation of evidence tampering. The busy bee that she is though, it seems that during that time Allison was squirreling information that she’s now using to steal several big money clients from Pearson Hardman. Louis and Harvey, still in their arctic war, are both at risk at losing high profile clients and they’re taking it equally as well: as in not at all.

Harvey’s ticked, and he’s lashing out at Louis who in turn decimates poor Harold who we haven’t seen in a while. When we do, it’s just to see him fired. Yeah, that was messed up. Harold does have one last hope of being saved when Louis promises to keep him on if Mike can vouch for the quality of every single thing that Harold does. And that’s on top of Mike’s normal work. It’s not too surprising when Mike declines, although it’s still pretty devastating. Harold’s been a mainstay throughout the show and it’s sad to see him go out like this.

There is, of course, a chance for redemption thanks to Mike who manages to get Jimmy (Pooch Hall), a former Pearson Hardman associate now living the good life at the new firm, to hire him on at the rival firm. So, Harold’s just enjoying a change of scenery. He’ll probably be back before too long.

Harold won’t be alone. As Allison has already poached the best fifth year associates at Pearson Hardman. When Harvey finds out, he falls down hard on Louis (who hand-picked all the associates) accusing him of betraying the firm and working as a mole for Allison. Louis denies this, saying Pearson Hardman is his life. But Harvey’s not buying it. He’s done with Louis. As in Louis no longer exists in the world done. And that’s enough for Louis, who can’t live in a world where Harvey truly hates him. He goes to Allison and asks for a position at her firm. Allison obliges, offering Louis a partnership, but she balks at making him a senior partner. After all, he did turn on Daniel.

So, it looks like Louis is leaving. Although I have to admit that the whole thing seems kind of unreal. Harvey may doubt Louis is all in on the firm, but for most viewers it’s probably clear that Louis bleeds Pearson Hardman. He may be smarmy, vindictive, and sly, but he’s all those things for Pearson Hardman and in your lawyer, that’s kind of endearing. In a touching moment with Mike, Louis explains that even though he and Harvey are always competitive at work, at the end of the day they can meet each other with mutual respect. They don’t have that now, and he can’t work so close with someone who hates him. It’s really clear here that Louis has been beaten by the war, perhaps unfairly.

Louis turns in his resignation to Jessica, who accepts it although she makes it clear that she would like him to stay. Although he’s visibly surprised by her support, it’s ineffective in getting him to stay. Jessica reams Harvey out, telling him he’s immature and that he needs to get back on his game to do what’s best for the firm. And maybe it’s Jessica’s anger, or the fact that Louis showed his true mettle by helping Harvey keep his client even as he was leaving, but Harvey’s back on board. He goes to Louis and rips up the letter of resignation. So, I guess he’s staying.

Season 3, Episode 12: “Blood in The Water” (original airdate January 24, 2013.)

Suits airs Thursdays at 10/9c on USA Network.

Images courtesy of Christos Kalohoridis/USA Network.

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