Warm Bodies Review: Flesh Eating Has Never Been So Fun!


I had high hopes for Warm Bodies. The trailers looked witty and fun, the star was an actor from my favorite British TV show, Skins, and hey, who doesn’t love zombies? But as good as the film looked, I did have a worry. Was it just going to be Twilight with a zombie?

It wasn’t.

In fact, Warm Bodies was just as fun as I hoped and more.

The story centers on R (Nicholas Hoult), a rather attractive zombie with a record collection. R narrates the film with an inner monologue, explaining that the zombie apocalypse has happened. He doesn’t remember anything about who he was before becoming a zombie, just that his hoodie suggests he was unemployed. He lives in an airport full of other zombies, including his best friend, whom he occasionally grunts at.  R is trapped in his own head, able to think but not speak more than a word or two at time. Basically, he’s a walking corpse.

Then he meets Julie (Teresa Palmer). Okay, maybe “meets” is the wrong word. Julie lives in the last living community with her militant father. She and her friends are sent out to gather supplies, and they’ve all been trained to shoot the zombies on sight. R and his zombie friends run into Julie’s crew. R ends up killing and eating Julie’s boyfriend, though he asks the audience to look away as he feels conflicted about it. Upon eating the guy’s brain, R is flooded with memories of Julie. He decides to save her from the other zombies and takes her back to his place at the airport.

What happens next is your standard romantic comedy – except one half of the romance just happens to be a walking corpse. Seriously, this movie was so, so hilarious. Even the scary scenes had notes of humor. Despite his flesh-eating ways, it’s impossible not to love and cheer for R, whose awkward grunting around Julie is reminiscent of a teen boy struggling to speak to a girl he likes.

One of the best parts of Warm Bodies is its self-awareness. The film knows what it is and it pokes fun at its own genre. Anyone who knows the tropes of zombie movies will enjoy the little jabs and jokes Warm Bodies uses. And even if you’re not a zombie fan, the romance is charming (aside from the boyfriend eating) and lovable.

Whether you like zombies or not, I recommend Warm Bodies to anyone looking for a good time. It’s the perfect Valentine’s Day movie for a quirky couple. And even if you’re on your own, it’ll keep you smiling.

Images courtesy of Jan Thijs, Jonathan Wenk and Summit Entertainment, LLC.

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