Pretty Little Liars Recap: Why Do People Live in Rosewood? Seriously?


The theme song for Pretty Little Liars is so perfect. This show is all about secrets, and this week quite a few started to come out. Seriously, who’d ever want to live in Rosewood? Everyone there is super creepy!

Spencer is a bit of a mess. Who can blame her? She just found out her boyfriend is part of the “A” team. (Nooo!! I’m still in denial!), but she seems hesitant to tell anyone. In fact, she barely admits to the fact that they broke up. This was pretty frustrating for me. The other girls need to know about this! It impacts them, too! Anyway, not only is Spencer having dirty dreams about Toby, she’s also accidentally outing Aria’s secret about Ezra’s son to Ezra himself. Whoops! She’s also bailing on class and telling Aria that maybe “A” wouldn’t bother them if they didn’t have so many secrets already.

In the end, she goes to what appears to be a private investigator. Looks like she’s going on the offensive against Toby and the “A” team. It’s about time!

This puts Aria in a tough position. She’s got enough going on as it is with her dad and Meredith, who is back with her family for now. But when Ezra confronts her about what Spencer said, Aria has to come clean. She tells him he has a son, and he’s furious with her for not telling him sooner. Ezra ultimately tells Aria he understands why she was so afraid to tell him, but now he has to go see Maggie and his son. When Aria asks about calling him, Ezra looks very sad. It’s obvious that, while this may not be a break up for the two, things are definitely rocky.

Hanna has taken to playing secret spy. After realizing Caleb and Paige were teaming up to take down Mona, she decides to follow them and see what exactly they’re getting. She starts by following Paige to a lesbian club. It looks as if she is on a date with someone (someone who isn’t Emily), but Caleb is nowhere to be seen. Hanna ends up getting kicked out of the club after she gets a drink thrown in her face. Not a fun night.

Emily gets a big surprise in the mail. There’s a box from Nate’s (whose real name wasn’t Nate) family. Inside she finds a bunch of things he gave to Ali. Maya must have found them and tried to give them back before she was killed. One of the things inside is a note Ali and an unknown friend passed back and forth. In the note, Ali talks about someone called the “Beach hottie.”  More importantly, though, she also mentions Toby. Turns out, Ali went and saw him in juvie before she died and accused him of sending her threatening notes. Toby said he wasn’t sending them, but he wished he knew who was. He’d help them out.

Emily takes the note to Cece, who says she was the one writing with Ali. They were in the car on the way back from the beech that summer. Cece says Ali came to her, very upset, claiming to be late after sleeping with the “Beach hottie.” Ali told her that the guy “would kill her” if he found out. So was Ali pregnant? Who knows. But “Beach hottie” must have been a pretty sketchy dude.

Another big secret came out about Officer Wilden this week. He approaches Emily’s mom (who works at the station now) and lets her know he knows what Emily is going through. He killed someone right out of the academy in self-defense (or so he says). Hmm. Could this person be a character we know?

So much happened this week! I don’t even know how to start processing. Do you think Ali was pregnant? Who was her Beach hottie? I want to know all your theories!

Season 3, Episode 17: “Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Inferno” (originally aired January 28, 2013)

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Pretty Little Liars airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC Family.

Images courtesy of Disney Enterprises, Inc. and ABC Family.

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