Pretty Little Liar Review: Hey, Jealousy


Oh, PLL. You never fail to seriously freak me out.  Last week it was an elevator. This week it was a steam room. What next?

Let’s start with Aria.  Her problems this week were dramatic, for sure, but not utterly terrifying. Ezra has finally returned, and his feelings for Aria are unchanged. Malcolm doesn’t know yet that Ezra is his father, but Ezra plans to tell him in time. He apologizes for not calling Arai but says he had a lot to think about. He knows now that his mom paid Maggie to hide his son from him, too. He ends up kicking his mother out, but only after she has implanted some ideas into Aria’s head to make her nervous about being in a relationship with a guy who has a kid. She hits this point home by threatening to sell the place Maggie and Malcolm live in as retaliation for Ezra’s kicking her out.

Emily has a touch of relationship drama, too. After catching Paige sneaking off to the costume shop to do some A investigating, she and Hanna tag along. Paige has been investigating the Queen of Hearts costume from the Halloween train, but it seems like the girl at the costume shop is more interested in Paige than in giving Paige information. Emily notices this and brings it up later (only after she sneakily gets the info she needs). Turns out, Paige dated this girl over the summer. Good to know she hasn’t been cheating, though! I admit – I’m starting to like these two together.

Spencer had a bumpy week. Highs and lows and serious scares. She’s still depressed, still skipping a lot of school, and Melissa is still covering for her while their parents are away. But then Wren shows up and admits that he didn’t just come by last week to check on her mental health. After hearing of her break up with Toby, he was hoping maybe they could start seeing each other. Spencer is down to go on a date, which goes really well. He leans in for a kiss at the end, but she dodges. He apologizes, and then she goes in for the kiss herself. Maybe it’s the accent, but I’ve always liked Wren.

But you know who doesn’t like Wren? Melissa. At least, she doesn’t like Spencer seeing him. She knows Spencer was with him and isn’t a fan. Later, when Spencer gets in the steam room, things get seriously scary. She finds herself locked in. She screams and screams for Melissa, who never comes. Luckily, she’d already sent a text to Aria who arrives and frees her. Someone had locked her end as an act of jealous revenge.  She seems to think it was Toby and even decides to tell the girls who are helping Mona. Personally, though, I think it was Melissa.

And last, there is Hanna. Hanna thought her biggest issue was wondering whether or not Caleb’s dad is a decent guy, but that’s the least of her problems.  Wilden is on the warpath, and he’s out to get the girls, especially Hanna. He tells her to keep her mouth shut about the picture of Ali and him. She blurts out something about Cece, and later sees Wilden forcing Cece into his car. Under pressure, she tells her mom her theory about him having a relationship with Ali. Her mom tells her not to spread rumors. But later, when Wilden approaches her, she begins to think her daughter was right. She’s on her way home to talk with Hanna when Wilden pulls her over and blatantly threatens her and Hanna. She ends up hitting him with her car in an attempt to get away. She goes home and tells Hanna she thinks she killed him, but when they go back to see, his body is gone.

Oh, and Cece! Emily finds her later, after her encounter with Wilden. Cece is trying to get out of Rosewood. She says she thought Wilden got Ali pregnant and killed her to keep quiet, but Wilden got word of her theory and has now chased her out of town. She also tells Emily that Melissa was the one that took that now missing photo.

So much to digest! And still no sign of Jason.  Now we have two missing, inured people. Did they leave or were they taken? And is Toby responsible for the attack on Spencer or was it Melissa?

Every week this show manages to give us answers and questions at the same time.  What are your theories?

Season 3, Episode 18: Hot Water (originally aired February 19, 2013)

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Pretty Little Liars airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC Family.

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