Suits Review: A Baffling Tug of War

Last week’s season finale of Suits was a terrible disappointment; so boring, in fact, that the simple act of recalling the total lack of drama and suspense that was last week’s episode is stronger than any lullaby and lavender infused pillowcase. How in the world this episode could be so totally lacking, and yet manage to hit several moments is baffling. Here it goes:

Harvey steps out of line, Jessica shoves him right back in
Jessica (Gina Torres) and Harvey (Gabriel Macht) have been having a little power struggle the past couple of weeks. Harvey wants his name on the door and feels as though he’s deserved it, whereas Jessica thinks Harvey is not ready since he has the unsavory tendency to put his wants before the needs of the firm. This week, Harvey proves Jessica right. The firm is set to merge with Darby’s which will give them a much needed influx of cash in the face of the 45 cases they’re set to take to trial (next season, it seems). Harvey doesn’t want somebody else’s name on the door so he sets to torpedo the deal by trumping up some lawsuit against a client of Darby’s.

Now, the lawsuit is entirely unimportant as it only serves to show the tug of war between the two guys. So what matters is this: Harvey files, beginning the war. Darby (Conleth Hill) pulls and seems to be gaining a little ground when Harvey gets a new player giving his side the advantage. And then when it seems to be over, Jessica tags Darby out and steps in. She then proceeds to cut the feet from the opposing team, leaving Harvey stuck in the mud. He’s not going down alone though. He fires Mike, whose failure to file an important piece of evidence lost them the case. But once again Jessica intercedes because it was at her direction that the evidence wasn’t filed. She is the head of the firm and in the end it’s about what she wants. So, looks like the merger’s going through.

If Love’s A Drug, Harvey’s a Full-Blown Addiction

One thing Jessica doesn’t want, though, is Harvey. In the bow-chica-bow-wow sense that is. Apparently, no other female can work side by side with Harvey and not fall in love. It’s a dangerous, although beautiful, place to be because as great as the man is, Harvey’s got issues. Trust, commitment, a little bit of both, a lot of bit of both; whatever, the man’s not a safe haven for the female heart to land. And this week it’s Scotty’s (Abigail Spencer) turn to be put through the ringer. After revealing to Donna the real reason she came back to the firm (she’s in love with Harvey), Scotty’s on a quest to free the tin man’s heart. That’s not going to be an easy task considering their tortured history. You see, Scotty was engaged when they met and together cuckolded Scotty’s fiancée. Now Harvey blames his erstwhile lover for making him lose sight of moral character enough to play Scotty’s fiancée for a fool… Seriously?

You know what, I’m actually going to go with Harvey on this one, because as we all know Harvey is incredibly mild-mannered and weak willed, the perfect prey for the predator that he wants Dana to be so that he seems less of a jerk for cheating with an engaged woman. Whatever. To prove her commitment to him, which is miles apart from the commitment she should have had to unnamed fiancée and presently to her log-term firm, Dana gives Harvey the evidence he needs to win against Darby. Such evidence was later thrown out, but still the great history continues!

This act of betrayal seems to work against Dana in a double shot to the face: Harvey still doesn’t want her and she’s been exiled back to London in disgrace. But that changes with a pep talk from Donna who gets Harvey to lie and tell Darby the information wasn’t leaked by Dana. A duplicitous pair they’re turning out to be. Darby’s not buying it though, but he still gives Harvey a chance, asking him whether he’d prefer to have Scotty back in London, or in the good U.S. of A. We’re left before we get the answer to that, but I’m pretty sure that whatever Harvey suggests, Darby is going to ensure that the opposite happens. And what more fitting punishment is there than Harvey either giving in to love when it’s been taken away, or running yet again and being faced with the knowledge that he’s been a coward. I’m kind of hoping he’ll want her to stay. Even though I loathe the idea of Harvey being in love with this one, he deserves to suffer for this week’s work.

From The Secret to Getting Busy

Speaking of ill-timed connections, Mike (Patrick J. Adams) and Rachel (Meghan Markle) have a very heated tryst in the file room. After Mike fails to help Rachel take down Harvard admission officer Sheila, Rachel confronts Mike on his hands-off approach to her future. And in a very ill-advised confession, Mike tells Rachel that he couldn’t help her get into Harvard Law because he never went there. I call this “ill-advised” not because I think it’s likely that Rachel will tell anyone, because I don’t. But it feels like we just went through this. And we did, at the end of last season with Jessica. Is this going to be a recurring thing: at the end of every season a new person gets in on the con? That’s just lame. But whatever, it sure gets Rachel in a mood to jump his bones and the two start to go at it like there’s no tomorrow, in the file room, where anyone can just walk in. Yeah, that’s a safe bet…

Until next season.

Season 2, Episode 16: “War” (original airdate February, 21, 2013.)

Images courtesy of Christos Kalohoridis/USA Network.

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