The Bachelor Review: Three Is A Crowd


The Bachelor Sean is down to his top three ladies, Lindsay, Catherine, and AshLee. So they all set off for Thailand (which even my cynical heart can admit was GORGEOUS).  Sean will be going on one-on-one dates with all three girls then he has the option to turn it into an overnight date in the Fantasy Suite.  It seems pretty clear that Sean’s interested in just talking away from cameras on these dates. Is he legit or is that what they all say? Hmm.

Eat It! Just Eat It!
So the first date was with Lindsay, who is the youngest girl left in the game, and it sort of shows. Don’t get me wrong, I like her. She’s sweet and cute. But she seems too young for marriage. Anyway, Sean takes her to the market and forces her to eat bugs even though she didn’t want to.  Then they went to the beach and there were monkeys there. It was actually pretty cute, but also a little dull. The whole time Lindsay just talked about wanting to tell Sean she loved him. Seriously, she said this over and over and over.  Finally she told him. They also talked about the “what ifs” – what if they got engaged, what if they got married, etc. Lindsay is down to move to Texas with him, and they got all giddy at the idea of buying a house. Then he asked her on the overnight date, and, of course, she said yes.

Into the Dark
Seems like Sean is just enjoying torturing these girls. AshLee has the next date, and Sean decides to take the girl with trust issues into a deep, dark cave where she’ll have to rely on him to lead her. Great! AshLee was clearly uncomfortable, and Sean showed off some of his hero complex, evening admitting that he likes feeling like her protector. (So you force her into a situation where she’s terrified? I disapprove.)

The cave did provide them plenty of inspiration for bad, cheesy comments about its metaphorical resemblance to love. AshLee kept saying over and over that he was her “true love.” If only y’all could see my eye roll at this. YOU BARELY KNOW HIM! Ahem. Anyway. On the other side of the cave, there was a lovely beach.  Sean invited AshLee to the fantasy suite, and at first it seemed like she was going to say no, but then she said yes. She also proceeded to tell him exactly what she wanted on her engagement ring, which felt a little weird.

I’m on a Boat!
So Catherine was last. After the awkward hometown date, Sean has some reservations, but he still seems thrilled to see Catherine. They end up on a boat sailing around. Okay, I’ll admit it. These two are adorable, and I’m actually, genuinely hoping he picks Catherine. Gah. Despite my best efforts, this show sucked me in.

Catherine tried to ease Sean’s mind about the encounter with her sisters, telling him they don’t know her as well as they think.  She also tried to make sure he knows that she has a serious side, on top of her fun, playful side.  At some point they ended up kissing in the rain.  Later, Sean asked where she saw them in five years, and Catherine honestly said she expected they’d be married. Then they talked about other future plans. Catherine made very sure Sean knew her boundaries about the overnight date in the fantasy suite, and he eased her mind. And of course, she said yes when he offered the key.

Goodbye To You
Then came the rose ceremony. Sean said he woke up that morning knowing who he had to send home. Even after watching the video messages from the girls, he had his choice made. Unfortunately, the girl was AshLee. AshLee was furious. She didn’t even say goodbye to the girls. She attempted to storm out without talking or listening to Sean, but he managed to stop her. He told her he had always thought she was the one and that he cared about her, but as time went on, he realized it just wasn’t right. AshLee, who has made it clear she has trust and abandonment issues, was still pissed and said nothing to him. In the limo she said, “This wasn’t a game to me.” Man, she was angry.

But personally, I think Sean made the right choice, and in the end, I think it’ll be Catherine standing with the final rose.

What do you think, though? Was this the right choice? Who will he pick in the end? I want to know your thoughts.

Season 17, Episode 10: Week 8 (originally aired  February 23, 2013)

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The Bachelor airs Mondays 8p.m. on ABC.

Images courtesy of Dave Hagerman and ABC.

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  1. I do think that Sean made right choice in sending AshLee home because I don’t think he was ready to deal with a woman that has abandonment/ trust issues. That is a lot for anyone to handle and AshLee was ready to head to the altar. Before making such a serious commitment to anyone, you have to be at a place in your life where you can handle depending on someone else (sometimes) and taking life as it comes. With a job title like Personal Organizer it just makes it seem like she has to be in control. I watched the clip of her on last week’s episode again in my office at DISH and my opinion hasn’t changed at all – it just wasn’t right. If they had known each other longer perhaps it would have worked out but I think Sean did the right thing. I wasn’t able to watch the Women Tell All Special in its entirety but I plan on watching it tonight on my train ride home. Thanks to DISH Anywhere and the Hopper I can watch the latest episode of The Bachelor on my iPad anytime, anywhere.

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