Glee Review: At The Movies

TGFS! Thank God for Santana because someone needed to smack a little sense into our NYC kids. And no one makes a problem seem utterly hilarious like Miss Lopez. I know I’ve said it a million times so far, but I really love the turn that Glee has made this season, really embracing the melodrama and having so much fun with the humorous aspect of the show. There was a ton of it this week.

In NYC, Santana has crashed Rachel, Kurt and Brody’s humble abode, rifling through drawers and trash to find out whatever juicy news she can. Back in Lima, the glee kids had a sweet boys versus girls Movie Week showdown to determine who should be in Artie’s movie (of course everyone wins and everyone will be in it), and Finn helped Schue track down his runaway bride.

Let’s start with The Big Apple, where Santana clearly knew that Rachel could be preggers, Brody was up to something shady and Kurt wasn’t over Blaine even though Adam is always around now. (I like him, and he clearly likes Kurt, but I’m Klaine all the way!) Santana always wasn’t afraid to share these facts. It’s why we love her. In terms of Brody, I was always thinking male escort since he left a hotel room in the middle of the night, but it could also easily be Santana’s drug dealer suggestion, and then at least he wouldn’t be cheating on Rachel in the process. (Does that make it better?) She also outted Kurt and Blaine’s obsession with “Come What May” from Moulin Rouge (they were going to sing it to each other at their wedding!) while the group was actually watching the movie, certainly made Adam (Oliver Kieran-Jones) think again about getting involved with Kurt. But Kurt was honest about his feelings. He wants to be over Blaine, but it’s hard. Still, he does want to move on, and as long as Kurt’s willing to try, Adam’s game. All episode Santana came off as the B in Bushwick that she truly is, but when she finally confronted Rachel, in private, she truly expressed concern for the girl, who just broke down in her arms. Poor Rachel. At least she’s got a friend.

Back at McKinley, more confessions were spilling out. Jake confessed to Marley that he’s felt guilty ever since Valentine’s Day because all those sweet gifts were Ryder’s idea. He just wanted to impress her. And now that he’s had enough time to come up with something on his own, he serenaded her with the Ghost song, her favorite romantic movie after The Hunger Games while molding some clay. He went all out, folks. This grand gesture pushed Marley into confessing that she knew all along, and that Ryder actually kissed her and that she let him. (She didn’t share that she was also hallucinating Ryder singing to her while Jake was.) Ouch. Another slap in the face came when Finn confessed that he’d kissed Emma to Will. (Damn these lip sluts!). It must have stung so much more because Finn had just donned red wigs with Artie, using Emma’s parents’ ginger sensibilities to get them to confess that Emma was at her sisters. Will arrived with the glee club in tow and serenaded her Say Anything-style. It was amazing, boom box and all. There she confessed her fears that when he returned from D.C., she’d no longer knew who he was, and the two vowed to take it slow and get to know each other again. Will was over the moon, and so grateful for Finn’s help. Well….he was. Finn told him to hit him because he deserved it, and he did, but all Will could do was walk away disgusted.

On top of all that drama, this week’s episode was supposed to be special because it housed Glee’s 500th song, and that is truly a feat. Still, I was way more into the storylines, and the 500th song, “Footloose,” really didn’t even fit in with the whole emotional or funny aspects of the episode. All the songs and storylines were connected by a common theme of referencing movie magic. That was neat, but I would have much rather had some grandiose song (still could have been related to movies/movie soundtracks) that worked well with a montage which could tie all the New York and Ohio characters together – all struggling with big events happening in their lives. Instead, we got a song about “kick[ing] off your Sunday shoes.” And I love me some Footloose! I guess the up side is that they did give us a ton of songs and ended on a positive note.

“You’re All the World to Me,” from Royal Wedding. Sung by Will and Emma. B
“Shout,” by The Isley Brothers. Sung by Blaine and Brittany with New Directions. B
“Come What May,” from Moulin Rouge!. Sung by Blaine and Kurt. A+
“Old Time Rock and Roll,”/“Danger Zone,” by Bob Seger/Kenny Loggins. Sung by Blaine and Sam with New Directions guys. B
“Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend,”/“Material Girl,” by Gentlemen Prefer Blondes/Madonna. Sung by Unique and Marley with New Directions ladies. A-
“In Your Eyes,” by Peter Gabriel. Sung by Will with New Directions. A-
“Unchained Melody,” by The Righteous Brothers. Sung by Jake and Ryder. A
“Footloose,” by Kenny Loggins. Sung by Sam and Artie with New Directions. B+


  • “Unique knows all there is to know about The Crying Game.” – Unique
  • “We should do The Artist so we don’t have to sing.” – Sugar
  • “It’s time to take action. Come on, Stand and Deliver. Zero Dark Thirty!” – Finn to Will
  • “I resent your flabby accusation that just because I wore an exact replica of her wedding dress and was the last person to see her before her Broadway-themed freakout, that I have anything to do with her being missing.” – Sue to Finn
  • “My first real week in New York and I’m snowbound in Bushwick with a bunch of musical theater queens. It’s like Eli Roth decided to make a gay horror movie and this is the scene right before we all eat each other…So what if he’s completely hairless and made out of plastic? I’m gonna look past the fact that he probably has a disgusting, porn star landing strip. I’m gonna Lars and the Real Boy one last chance…Who cares if he’s terrified of banks, because if I were made out of plastic, I’d be scared of a lot of things too. Open flames, barbecues.” – Santana about Brody
  • “You two don’t smell like gingers. Gingers smell like pennies. We have a slight coppery odor.” – Emma’s Dad to Finn
  • “Boys are like lumps of coal. They’re dirty and cheap and they get hot when they’re rubbed. And some turn into diamonds. So collect as many as you can.” – Kitty to Marley
  • “New York may be disgusting, especially when it’s covered in gray, nasty snow, and the people may be horrible and rude and some smelly, homeless man in pee-stained tighty whities might’ve groped me on the subway and then asked me for a dollar, but I got to say, I finally feel like I have found my people.” – Santana

Season 4, Episode 15: Girls (and boys) on Film (originally aired March 7, 2013)

Images courtesy of Adam Rose/FOX.

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