Pretty Little Liars Review: Welcome to the A-Team

Pretty Little Liars-300x199Welcome to another crazy week of Pretty Little Liars. 

“A” has been relatively silent as of late, but she came out in full force in this episode. First, she framed Caleb’s father, Jamie, for theft, and then she stole Ezra’s kid for a hot second, nearly giving Aria a heart attack. But worst of all – “A” has recruited a Liar all for herself.

Spencer remained in Radley Sanitarium this week and she was determined to uncover what Mona was up to during her time at the institution.Eddie Lamb, the friendly nurse whom Spencer’s grown close to, gives her a board game that used to be Mona’s favorite. The board came doubles as a map, however, and leads Spencer to Mona’s treasure chest of Radley mementos. Namely, this week Spencer discovered that Wren helped CeCe get in to Radley to visit Mona when it was strictly forbidden. Wren lets slip that Ali messed up CeCe’s life hardcore when she got her kicked out of college. CeCe wanted to visit Mona because she thought she might be able to help her – one Ali victim to another. But could that just be a cover-up that CeCe is also part of the A team?

All episode long, the writers tried to pit us against either Eddie or Wren. Eddie doesn’t like Wren one bit, and vice versa for Wren. Personally, I’m more inclined to believe that Eddie’s the bad seed simply because we’ve known Wren for much longer. And the fact that Eddie conveniently gives Spencer the board game Mona was using as a map? That raised some red flags.

Back in Rosewood, the Liars are understandably concerned about Spencer. She refuses to go home, even though the doctors are permitting it.The police announce that a body was found in the woods, but it’s not Toby. Simply a “John Doe.” But this is Pretty Little Liars, so should we really believe this body will remain a John Doe for long? Anyway, Spencer remains convinced Toby is dead, so the Liars decide the only thing they can do to prove to her this John Doe is not Toby is to break into the morgue and take a picture of the corpse. REALLY?! Just because you’ve done it once doesn’t mean you should do it again. While Hanna and Emily are in the morgue looking for John Doe, Aria is outside keeping watch. And who should show up but little miss Red Coat herself. However, she’s gone in a flash as always.

“A” is also still toying with Ezra and Aria’s relationship. Now that there’s Ezra’s son, Malcolm, in the mix, she seems to be having a lot more fun. Aria promised Ezra she would pick up Malcolm from karate, only to arrive at the karate studio and find out someone has already taken little Malcolm. She finds a flyer in Malcolm’s cubby from “A” for a local carnival that’s in town. Aria eventually finds Malcolm, unharmed, who said he had a good time with Aria’s friend, Alison.What a twisted game you play, “A.” After realizing Ezra’s kid has been put at risk because of “A,” and also because of the changing Ezra/Maggie/Malcolm dynamics, Aria decides to break things off with Ezra. Ezra is stunned, to say the least, and I certainly don’t believe this is the last we’ll see of this couple.

Prettly Little liarsHanna’s had her doubts about Caleb’s dad, Jamie, and his supposedly reformed ways. He’s been working at the local church as a carpenter, repairing the bell tower. However, “A” is now framing him for supposedly stealing the $8,000 bronze bell and replacing it with a much cheaper version. Jamie is fired from his job. Honestly, this subplot bores me to tears, but it’s interesting to finally get “A” in the mix. Especially since Caleb also knows she’s behind this.

And of course, the two biggest bombshells setting up for next week’s finale are revealed. First, Toby’s body is discovered, though we still don’t see his face. Apparently, it’s mangled beyond recognition. However, we do once again catch a glimpse of his tattoo. This is supposed to be enough for the audience to believe Toby really is dead.

And lastly, Spencer has joined the “A” team. When Mona repeated the offer to her in last week’s episode, Spencer accepted. I suspected as much when Spencer gave her monologue to the (imaginary) Liars during last week’s group therapy when she said they “didn’t know her anymore.” But to see Spencer pull that black hoodie out of her pillow made it all the more official.

Now it’s your turn: what did you think of this week’s episode? Is Spencer really abandoning her friends? Will we actually get to see who’s in the red coat next week? As it always is with Pretty Little Liars, we get more questions than answers every time.

Season 3, Episode 23: “I’m Your Puppet” (originally aired March 12, 2013)

Catch the spring finale of Pretty Little Liars next Monday on ABC Family at 8/7c.

Images courtesy of ABC Family.

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