Revenge Review: The Beginning of Things To Come

Revenge - 1st Image - Season 2This week’s episode of Revenge was leaps and bounds better than the last. And it’s a testament to how far they have fallen that this isn’t saying much. On its own, this week’s episode wouldn’t really stand out to any degree; but surrounded by lackluster, mediocrity is king. However, several important things did happen this week. So let’s take a look at that.

Victoria the Faker

So, it seemed last week that Victoria (Madeline Stowe) had a maternal bone in her body. Apparently that’s so much not the case as the ‘long lost’ son she’s been searching for actually turned up a few years back looking for his dear old mom. Back then, Victoria paid him five million dollars to go away and then had the Falcon erase his identity. So it’s just like he never existed. But people change in time, so perhaps that’s why Victoria’s playing Mother Dearest looking for her lost lamb. Most likely though, this too is a sham. Although, personally, I’m really hoping it isn’t.

Charlotte’s Going Off the Rails

So the youngest Grayson/Clarke’s been going through some things the last couple of weeks. It seems in the blink of an eye she’s transformed from a relatively stable presence to someone who’s acting off the rails with no rhyme or reason. But apparently, there is a reason. After getting locked up for underage drinking, Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) calls big brother from his engagement party to come and bail her out. Later, the two are talking things over when Daniel questions what’s going on with Charlotte who responds that she’s discontent with their family, which is too screwed up to bring another person into. Daniel tries to console her, telling her she’s a long way from making a commitment to Declan. But she’s not talking about Declan: she’s pregnant.

Aiden’s Busted
It looks like Aiden’s former mentor Takeda (Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa) has really got a grudge for the old boy. After warning Aiden (Barry Sloan) away from Emily, Takeda sends Daniel Aiden’s employment file. Said file reveals that Aiden’s father was the baggage handler who placed the bomb on the doomed flight 197. Upon learning this, Daniel fires Aiden and warns his parents to take him off the trust for the Amanda Clarke Foundation. But Aiden’s not going to go easy. First he kills Takeda, a little rash and very unfortunate since Takeda is on the trial of the Initiative whose next threat is “imminent.” It seems Takeda has a personal grudge of his own against the organization which sheds some light on why he’s taken such an interest in Aiden and Emily’s revenge-y plans. Though one question is answered, there’s a dozen that takes its place. Starting with, just how close was he to derailing the Initiative? We’ll never know.

But Aiden’s not done. Next, he ropes Nolan into moving up their plan to bankrupt the Graysons. They do this with fair ease with a couple keystrokes, despite Emily’s last-minute objection. Whether her concern is that they completely left her out of the loop on this one, or because her fiancée’s money may still be tied up in the trust is uncertain; although both are valid reasons for objection. This pair doesn’t have the best track record for thinking a plan through (i.e., The Padma/Takeda Situation) and this plan is far too rushed for the consequences to be fully considered even if these two were capable of doing so.

The Beginning of Things to Come
But the bankruptcy of the Graysons may be just a sign of the Apocalypse to come. Because no sooner do Nolan and Aiden Robin Hood all their funds away, the lights go out signaling the next disaster to come, courtesy of The Initiative. I’m eerily excited to see what this means.

Next week’s episode of Revenge will be the 2 HOUR season finale. And with the lights gone out and bankrupt Graysons on the loose, the fun’s just begun.

Revenge airs Sundays at 9/8c on ABC.

Image courtesy of Danny Feld/ABC.

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