The Voice Recap: And Then There Were 12


The Voice - 1st image - Season 4This week on The Voice we entered the first live shows, and four people went home. We saw the good, the bad, and the really awful song choices. And with all that, let’s dive in.


Caroline Glaser - My favorite contestant of the season, Caroline, sang “The A-Team” by Ed Sheeran.  Even though this song is getting to be a bit overdone, I thought this was a great performance. Love her unique sound.

Amber Carrington - I am growing to love Amber. This week she sang “Stay” by Rihanna. She did a really wonderful job with it. It wasn’t a very country song, in my opinion, she doesn’t sound that country. But I still loved it. As did the judges.

Sarah Simmons - Adam chose one of my very favorite songs for Sarah, “Angel” by Sarah McLachlan.  Sadly, this was not one of my favorite performances. She just tried to do too much with it, in my opinion.  The judges seemed to dig it, though.

Judith Hill - Oh, God. Judith is wicked talented, but this song? It is so, so overdone. What was Adam thinking??? He gave her Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good,” which is done on every reality competition like this. The result was a good but kind of dull performance.


Michelle Chamuel - Michelle is my favorite person on Usher’s team. I think she’s unique and fun, and she even made an overdone Cyndi Lauper song, “True Colors” feel unique and fun. Really like her a lot.

VEDO - No one should ever let Usher pick songs. He is not good at this, guys.  He picked another overdone song for VEDO. Yep, “Against all Odds,’ by Phil Collins. I like this song, but come on! VEDO didn’t even know it! He did it all right, but I think he would have done much better with a better song choice. Get it together, Usher.

Cathia - And, again with the bad songs. This time Usher picked a Whitney Houston song, which anyone can tell you Cathia, though talented, doesn’t have the voice for. She sang “I Have Nothing” and while she could have done worse, it wasn’t a good song  choice for her.  Many of the judges agreed.

Josiah Hawley - Josiah, the very handsome male model, escaped Usher’s bad song picking. He got to sing “Starlight” by Muse, and it was my favorite performance on Team Usher. I really did this guy’s sound. And he’s nice to look at. He became one of my favorites with this performance.


Sasha Allen - Sasha is definitely one to beat on Shakira’s team. She sang “Oh! Darling” and did it damn well. It’s clear Adam regrets losing her, too. Sorry, Adam. She just might be Shakira’s shot at a win.

Karina Iglesias - Karina toned down her rock edge this week and sang “Let’s Stay Together” by Al Green. Man, this was a great performance. All the judges were really impressed, it seemed, and so was I. It was great to see a new side of Karina.

Garrett Gardener - Also showing off a new side, though less effectively, in my opinion, was Garrett.  He sang John Lennon’s “Imagine” on the piano, and it fell flat, in my opinion. In his defense, doing a John Lennon song like this is hard.  But it just wasn’t the right song for him.

Kris Thomas - While Bruno Mars is getting a little repetitive on these shows, I think “When I was Your Man” was the perfect song for Kris.  He has the right tone for it, and he made it as touching as it should be. I’ve been kind of unimpressed by him before, but now I really, really like him. He won me over.


Danielle Bradbery - Danielle has proven to be a standout member on Blake’s team. This week she sang one of my favorite country songs, Pam Tillis’s “Maybe it was Memphis.” And she nailed it. The judges seemed to agree. Of Blake’s artists, I think she’s the one to beat.

Holly Tucker - Holly is adorable. Seriously, every time I see her I want to hug her. She also has an angel’s voice.  She sang “How Do I Live?” and did it very well. The judges all adore her, too, which helps, I’m sure.

The Swan Brothers - The show’s last duo sang “Fishing in the Dark.” It was a good time, as expected from these guys, but I don’t know that it was anything special.  I didn’t hate it, though. And the coaches were pleased despite Adam not knowing the song.

Justin Rivers - Another fun-but-uneventful country performance from Justin. He sang “Meet in the Middle,” which made for a good time, but not necessarily a memorable one. I like Justin, and I wish he would stand out more.


Ugh. So many disappointments with these results, which also came with a bit of a voting scandal.  But we got it all sorted out, I guess, so the show went on. Two contestants from each team were saved by America.  And then the coaches get to pick one of their remaining contestants. And then one person goes home. So . . . 

Team Blake - His two girls, Danielle and Holly, were saved (and rightly so) leaving him to choose between The Swan Brothers and Justin Rivers. I would have picked Justin, but Blake loves the brothers, so he picked them.

Team Shakira - America picked Kris Thomas and Sasha Allen. Shakira had to choose between Garrett and Karina.  It seemed to really be hard on her.  To me the choice was clear – Karina! She’s a powerhouse! But Shakira is obsessed with Garrett, it seems, so she chose him.

Team Usher - America saved VEDO and Michelle, leaving Usher to choose between Josiah and Cathia.  This was an obvious choice, and he made the right decision. He chose Josiah.

Team Adam - And this is where I begin to weep in sorrow. To my shock, America picked Judith and Amber, leaving Caroline and Sarah hanging. I know a lot of people love Sarah, but I don’t entirely get it. Caroline, on the other hand, is my girl.  But the coaches love Sarah, so that’s who Adam chose, sending my favorite contestant home.

And that was the show. What did you think of the performances? Are the right people still in the competition? Let me know your thoughts!


Season 4, Episode 13, 14 and 15: The Live Playoffs – Top 16 (originally aired May 6, May 7 and May 8, 2013)

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The Voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays 8p.m. on NBC.

Images courtesy of Ben Cohen, Trae Patton and NBC.

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