Game of Thrones Recap: Where’s Winter?

The third season of Game of Thrones came to a close last night with less of a bang and more of a soft chant.

Above all others, fear Tywin Lannister. The head of the wealthiest family in Westeros always seems cross and unlikable, but last night we saw that he may indeed also be the most dangerous, not because of the power he wields, which is something to be reckoned with considering he wiped out the Stark leaders without marching a single soldier, but because of the lengths he’ll go to keep it. The War of Kings has ripped its way JonSnowthrough Westeros for the last three years and Tywin is determined to protect his family, which might seem at odds with what we know about him. During a meeting of the king’s council, he not only schools Joffrey with minimal words and levels Cersei with a look, but he also reveals that he spared Tyrion’s life after he was born.

This, of course, is after he thought about drowning him and implied his youngest son should rape Sansa Stark to ensure an heir to the family name. With Joffrey increasingly unstable, a Baratheon, and illegitimate at that, Tyrion’s son will become the new Lord of the North and ensure a safe future for their clan. Though, after his family had her brother and mother slaughtered, all of the warmth Sansa was starting to feel towards Tyrion seems to disappear quickly.

Ygritte’s looking scorned. Jon Snow stops for a moment to collect himself after fleeing the party of Wildlings last week, including his lover Ygritte. Now, he finds himself in the sights of her bow. He thinks Ygritte won’t be able to do it, and proclaims his love for her, and that she had to know what he would do. Jon gets a little wiser when the first arrow plants in him, riding off on his horse, taking a few more. He makes it to Castle Black, where Sam and Gilly have already arrived. Sam’s relayed his message about the white walkers, after imparting some of the ancient weapons he found to Bran and his party. The brothers collect an injured Jon and carry him inside the castle walls to heal.

DanyCrowdMelisandre changes the game. At Stannis Baratheon’s keep, Davos spends some time getting to know Gendry, telling the boy that he’s not noble born either, but that doesn’t make them less. When he gets the raven from Castle Black, he rushes to Stannis, who’s celebrating Robb Stark’s death with Melisandre. Davos is his typical doubter, and tries to plead for Gendry’s life. After he’s refused, he lets the boy go, giving him a boat and telling him to row to King’s Landing. Stannis, having found out, sentences him to death. Davos tries to leverage the scroll from Castle Black, but Stannis doesn’t care. Melisandre, however, gazes into the fire and sees the changing tide of the war, and that Davos still has a part to play. So, he lives for now.

Gearing up for season four, we’re left with Dany having won over an entire city of former slaves, not through her growing armada or magical dragons, but because of her more tender approach. Brienne has arrived at King’s Landing, returning a battered Jaime to Cersei. Arya’s made her first kill, and proceeds on the road with the Hound. A broken Theon Greyjoy unknowingly waits for his sister to rescue him, after she and her father received a traditionally disturbing Westerosi gift. Meanwhile, all the lords of Westeros start to receive their ravens from Castle Black, alerted at last that the white walkers are coming.

Season 3, Episode 10: “Mhysa” (Original air date June 9, 2013)

Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9 PM on HBO.


Images courtesy of HBO


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