Hell’s Kitchen Review: Things Are Getting Exciting


I’ve been lukewarm on Hell’s Kitchen this season – mostly because Chef Ramsay’s tirades get old and the cheftestants are annoying (Mary’s voice, Susan’s inability to cook lamb, Zach constantly using his outside voice inside, etc.) but things are actually getting exciting.

We are down to four members of the Red Team – Ja’nel, Susan, Mary and Cyndi and three members on the Blue Team – Zach, Anthony and Jon. And as both teams prepare for dinner service, the heat is on as they all try to impress the pants off Chef Ramsay and the VIP guests for tonight’s dinner, Maria Menunous and Jeremy Sisto (thank you, IMDB, for reminding me who the latter is).

As the Blue Team prepares for the night’s dinner service, they are a man down as Zach struggles to wrap his brain around how his doll house medallions and Paul Bunyan sized shrimp drew the wrath of Ramsay. He tears up and has to take a time-out upstairs, leaving Jon and Anthony to fend for themselves in the kitchen.

The Red Team preps for dinner without a hitch and are well on their way to winning yet again – no surprise there.

The gates to Hell’s Kitchen open and both teams start out fairly well on apps. Scah-lopps are being cooked beautifully and with the exception of Jon’s salty risotto, things are looking up for both teams. As we move on to entrees, things start to fall apart. First, Ja’nel cuts herself, which endangers garnishes. Thankfully, she comes back full force and only gets yelled at once by Chef Ramsay before finding her groove again. Susan FINALLY manages to cook a lamb right. I was beginning to think this chick really needed a Lamb primer because it was looking pretty bleak there for a while.

The Blue Team doesn’t have much luck with entrees. Zach is a hot mess over at the meat station. He can’t seem to cook a Wellington or communicate with team members as to how long it will take to generate a finished product. Then, after screwing up a number of Wellington’s he runs out and Chef Ramsay has to borrow a few of Susan’s perfectly done Wellingtons in order to feed the Blue Team’s patrons. Ouch – that is shameful. Anthony also has a poor showing tonight as he loses his confidence and can’t seem to get the number of lobster tails needed correct.


Chef Ramsay is up to his eyeballs with disgust as the Blue Team lets yet another dinner service go by without a win. It’s getting to be very embarrassing as they’ve lost 12 out of the last 13 services and still can’t get their cooking done right (even though the menu stays the same EACH week!).

Jon lands the task of having to choose whether to send Zach or Anthony home – both suck in my opinion so whichever one goes is a win for Blue.

And since the guys have to send someone home, the Red Team has to choose one person to head over to the Blue Team so the teams are move evenly matched. They decide, for better or for worse, to send Ja’nel over. Since she is one of the strongest chefs, it’s a strange choice but according to the previews for next week, it may possibly be a calculated move by the ladies to sabotage the guys and Ramsay may get his eyebrows singed off in the process. Exciting!

Oh, btw – Anthony gets sent home this week.

Season 11, Episode 14 “7 Chefs Compete” (originally aired June 6, 2013).

Hell’s Kitchen airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on Fox.

Images courtesy of Fox Broadcasting Co.

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