Pretty Little Liars Review: Back with a Vengeance

Pretty Little Liars - 1st image - Season 4So after last season’s explosive finale, Pretty Little Liars returned on Tuesday, and for once, we got a ton of answers – though we were also given a few new questions.

The episode picked up where the last ended, with the girls and Mona running from the burning house and opening the trunk of Wilden’s car.  Inside they find a dead pig (ew!). Mona snags the chip with the recording that could incriminate Hanna’s mom and the girls get out of there. Hoping to form an alliance, shares some secrets. She doesn’t know who Red Coat is and wants to. Shawna and Jenna know each other and both girls are scared of Melissa. She, Mona, didn’t kill Ian and wants to know who did. And Lucas was the one who gave Emily the massage a few seasons ago. She also claims she is not the one to put Aria in the box. She shows them a video that shows Wilden and Melissa on the Halloween train. But before the video is over, Mona’s files begin to delete themselves. On top of that, outside Mona’s RV there are little girls playing with those creepy dolls based on the girls. The little kids claim Alison gave the dolls to them.

Later, the girls discover that Wilden has been killed, though by whom is not yet clear. But the girls are sure “A” will frame them for it, and they need to get a step ahead.

Aria is also busy with some personal issues. She and Ezra are still not dating, but when Ezra informs her that he got a job at her high school as a full time teacher, she’s less than thrilled. How can she see him every day when she still wants to be with him? She is also paranoid that the principal will discover their past relationship, going so far as daydreaming about Ezra’s arrest. Her fears don’t seem fully deserved, though, and Ezra is safe for now. From arrest – not from awkwardness.

Emily also has things to deal with on the relationship front. Paige just got into Stanford, and she’s sure Emily will, too. She expresses interest in both of them going together, getting as far away from the “A” drama as possible. She’s tired of having to worry about Emily all the time. Something tells me even going across the country won’t free any of these girls from “A.”

Spencer and Toby are back together, though Toby is clearly keeping secrets. He’s getting texts from “A” about his mother, and in a flashback we learn that he and Ali once nearly kissed only to be interrupted by his, clearly ill, mother. This makes sense since we learned in the past that she was in Radley. I’m very curious to see where this plot line goes.

Hanna is busy trying to “keep her enemies close” by rekindling her friendship with Mona. Her ultimate goal is to get the chip from Mona and keep her mom safe. Mona sees through the fake friendliness, though. She still gives Hanna the chip, admitting how much she misses her. I’m curious to see if this is the signal of a change of heart for Mona.

To add to the creepiness, Ali’s mom is back in town, and there is something strange about her, particularly the shrine she seems to be keeping for Ali. The girls, convinced they saw Ali at the fire, wonder if maybe “Ali wants her old room back.”  That’s creepy. But is Ali really alive or did they see someone else at that fire? There are some Ali masks in circulation, no doubt.

At Wilden’s funeral, the girls find his casket and discover a ringing phone. It’s Hanna’s mom’s phone. But how is it in Wilden’s casket when Hanna’s mom is still out of town? DUN DUN DUN!!!

But seriously, this was an awesome premiere. Truly one of the best. If this episode is any indication, this season is going to be AWESOME! I cannot wait.

Season 4, Episode 1: A is for A-L-I-V-E (originally aired June 11, 2013)

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Pretty Little Liars airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC Family.

Images courtesy of Disney Enterprises, Inc. and ABC Family.

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