Veep Recap: The West Womb

Hi all, this is Lauren filling in for Matt! “Running” was the aptly titled episode of Veep tonight…yes, Selina ran a fun run and even a not-so-fun run through a glass door (I’ll be here all night, guys) but she ended the episode declaring that there is not a chance that she will be the running mate for the president again, much to the dismay of Amy and presumably the rest of her staff.

Selina Back to the glass door bit, Selina is on her way to give “donor boners,” ahem, a fundraiser. We start at the office with Selina excited over the disastrous-turned-great PR interview with Allison Janney. But quickly, we get the downside of that from Ben, to which we realize that Selina is not quite fighting back as much as she was holding back on the usual banter, hm. Oh, and she also takes St. Johns wort which seems to react badly with her anti-depressants, but more on that later…

We learn quickly why Amy and Dan are choosing not to accompany Selina to her donor brunch: they are both stepping out with another potential candidate, Chung! Truthfully, Dan isn’t a surprise but et tu, Amy?! I guess we should have seen them trying to abandon what they see as the sinking ship known as Selina Meyer these past few episodes.

Clueless to Dan’s cheating, aka making Spotify playlists for another candidate, Selina asks Dan to make a playlist for her as well. Then in the heat of passion, while wondering whether Aretha’s “Respect” might be her winning anthem, Selina walks into a glass door and it is hilarious and terrible all at once. Mike makes up unconvincing lies to donors while Selina and Gary share one of the funniest scenes in the show, as Gary talks about his parents’ upcoming anniversary party, in perhaps the tiniest voice we’ve heard out of Selina yet, as she sheepishly asks, “can I come?” Oh, high Selina, wish we could see you more often.

GroupVeepSelina completes the run and talks to reporters with her wounds from the glass door incident quite visibly returning. Her nose is  way bloody but she does not really care. She declares to a shocked Amy, “I am done with all of it. The Vice Presidency, I mean forget it.” What?!

This was a great setup for the finale. Will Dan and/or Amy leave? Will Selina change her mind? Will Gary convince the Veep to attend his parents’ shindig after all? Oh, the possibilities.

Quote of the week:

“She walked through a glass door?”

“Yeah, that woman has become a living metaphor of her own career”


“The VP’s office can be very insubordinate. I mean, they insubord me all the time. You know that they call me Jonad?”


Season 2, Episode 9: “Running” (originally aired June 16, 2013)

Catch Veep Sundays at 10/9c on HBO.


Images courtesy of Lacey Terrell for HBO

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