Veep Recap: Hail To The Chief

veep1This week’s season finale of HBO’s Veep raised the stakes for the future third season in a very big way. Not only is gaff-prone Selina Meyer still our fictional vice president, but she will now also be actively seeking the office of President of the United States herself following the bombshell revelation that the current president will not be running for a second term.

But that’s not exactly what the plan was when the episode started. In the first of what would become many gatherings of Selina’s staff for “big news” she announces that she does not intend to run for re-election with the president in two years when their first term is up. Knowing that this essentially stalls the careers of her current staff she gives them her blessing to seek out new jobs and most of them waste no time doing so. Dan immediately gets on the phone with Governor Chung, Sue hits up Kent for a gig in the west wing, and Mike pumps dickish Congressman Furlong for job while also inadvertently giving up the news which is supposed to be top secret.

Amy on the other hand is just looking forward to spending more time with her boyfriend who seems painfully indifferent to it either way. Poor Amy…

Things hit a major bump though when Selina goes to inform the president of her decision only to learn from crotchety adviser Ben (Kevin Dunn) that the president is actually not going to run for re-election either in hopes that it will kill impeachment talks. Selina rejoices in a supply closet and promptly calls her staff back in to announce that she is now going to run for President in two years instead of the potential six that she was eyeballing earlier. This means that suddenly everyone should stay in their current job and they all seem amiable to that except Gary who had agreed to start a new cheese business with his crazy girlfriend Dana. A shocked Selina replies with “You’re choosing dead milk over me?!” He eventually relents but not without a stunningly funny fight with Dana in the backroom of her cheese shop.

With a skip in her step Selina goes off to speak at a science fair with a speech written by Dan. The only bad thing is that Dan admits he stole parts of it from a speech that he secretly wrote for Governor Chung, which could make Selina look like a plagiarist. Dan lets this fact slip out to Chung while telling him that he’s going to stick with Selina in a fit of angry rage. For a moment you find yourself watching this and being really proud of Dan but then he gets notice that the President has panicked from word getting out about not running and insists that he will be running, which once again puts Selina out to pasture until 2020. Naturally, Dan tries kissing Chung’s ass again.

But if you think Dan takes it bad imagine Selina’s reaction to learning that she can’t run in 2016 anymore. She refers to the District of Columbia as “the District of Cunts!” And I can’t say that she is wrong.

But then another shoe drops. Ben announces that the president is on his way over to talk to Selina. Panic ensues as Selina believes she’s getting dropped from the ticket by no choice of her own and to top it all off Chung has a press conference on TV where he announces the formation of an exploratory committee to run for President in 2016.

In holding with the show’s tradition of never seeing or hearing the president we don’t get to see Selina’s surely priceless reaction to the news that he is definitely going to avoid re-election, but her elation afterwards in evidence enough. Selina is now officially running for President in a primary against Danny Chung and if there is anything we can agree on is that its going to be hilarious. I cannot wait for this show to be back!

Favorite Vulgar Line of the Week: Congressman Furlong’s assistant, Will: “I move as slowly as a Mississippi detective investigating the murder of a young black man.”

Veep, Season 2, Episode 10: “D.C.” (originally aired June 23, 2013)

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