True Blood Review: All in the Name of Science

True Blood - 1st image - Season 6Sunday’s episode of True Blood was arguably the best so far this season. We’re right at the halfway point in Season 6, and things are finally getting exciting. In Episode 5, we got to see Sookie release her inner Foxy Brown and more of what goes on at vamp camp. So let’s start right where the previous episode left off.

We last saw Sookie in a precarious situation with her legs wrapped around Warlow (Rob Kazinsky) but her hands ready to fairy-superbolt his ass to oblivion. Before he can explain, Sookie growls, “I’d be real careful about what you say right now, because I have a vampire-killing ball of light behind your head, and I’m not afraid to use it,” (it’s nice to see the old badass Sookie again). Warlow proclaims his undying love for Sookie, something about destiny blah, blah…and then he drops a – your parents were really trying to kill you and I saved you – kind of bomb onto Sookie’s head. Sookie calls it a load of BS and superbolt-grazes Warlow, wounding him.

Cut to Bill who’s dealing with a remorseful and tweaking Jessica after she gorged on fairy blood. Bill feels Warlow’s pain and immediately downloads Lilith’s memories of turning Warlow way back when. Bill speeds over to Sookie’s and confronts Warlow as his maker (since Bill is the incarnation of Lilith yada, yada). So, Bill, happy that’s he found a new blood supply for his vampire-saving formula, orders Warlow to accompany him back home.

While all that is going on, Sheriff Andy‘s suspicions are dead on as he rushes over to the Compton household to save his girls only to find all but one of his daughters dead. Andy takes the lone survivor and saves her life by feeding her vampire blood. When the girl recovers, she tells Andy what really happened at Bill’s. Andy’s ex, Holly (Lauren Bowles), restrains him from heading over to Bill’s for some revenge-killing.

After the Louisiana Vampire Task Force (LAVTF) captures Pam, both Tara and Eric decide to surrender themselves in hopes to save her. They are all taken to vamp camp where Pam views various experiments including one with a vampire-sized hamster wheel. While Eric and Tara are rigorously tested, Pam is selected for therapy (as in the shrink/couch kind) where, in typical Pam fashion, she remarks, “Hold the fuck up, am I in therapy?” (Providing the laugh out loud moment of the episode.) Unfortunately, what she shares will soon be used against her.

Over at Governor Burrell’s, Sarah Newlin (Anna Camp) urges the governor to forget his newly turned vampire daughter, Willa, and move on by making a baby of their own. Burrell rebuffs her advances, as he’s still concerned about Willa’s wellbeing. Sarah (in one of the episode’s best lines) retorts, “When a woman comes to you in black lingerie, you unwrap her!” Feeling butt hurt, Sarah goes to Jason Stackhouse for some sexual healing.

Jessica, still tripping from her fairy feast, also shows up at Jason’s. She is confronted by Sarah who quickly rescinds Jess’ invitation, sending her right into the waiting hands of the LAVTF and subsequently off to vamp camp where she meets up with Tara. Jason, feeling responsible for Jessica’s capture, enlists in the LAVTF in hopes to help her escape.

Back at the Compton house, Bill collects Warlow’s blood and while they have a little tête-à-têtes, we are taken back to Warlow’s early (bad wig-wearing) days via a series of flashbacks that reveal his true nature as a conflicted creature who despises his vampire side. Warlow refuses to help Bill save vampire-kind and threatens to kill Bill’s captive scientist, Hido Takahashi.

While all this vampire stuff is going on, Alcide and his dad, Jackson (Robert Patrick), have a falling out as they track Sam, Nicole, and Emma who are still hiding out in a hotel. Jackson later spots Nicole and Sam.

In more or less an episode side note (and a storyline I never really liked), Terry Bellefleur, dealing with some serious guilt over killing Patrick (last season), hires an old Marine-buddy to kill him because he can’t pull the trigger on himself.

Meanwhile at vamp camp, Sarah surprises Governor Burrell with the newly captured Eric. Eric is dismayed when he learns from Burrell that his intended plan for Willa backfired, since she, too, is interned at the camp. Sarah’s surprise is not complete though – a door rises to reveal Pam holding a stake. To Eric’s horror, the giddy onlookers cry out for him and Pam to fight to the death like gladiators.

A seriously confused Sookie goes to Lafayette for some witchy-woo assistance in contacting her dead parents so she can finally learn the truth about their death and boy, does she. Turns out, Warlow was telling the truth – Daddy Stackhouse did try to kill his daughter and wants to do it right this time, so he possesses poor Lafayette and takes Sookie down to the lake for a good ol’ drowning. The episode closes with Sookie’s head below water, screaming (jeez…Sookie’s dad makes even Andy’s parenting skills shine).

Season 6, Episode 5: Fuck the Pain Away (originally aired July 14, 2013)

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True Blood airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on HBO.

Images courtesy of John P. Johnson and HBO.

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