Comic-Con 2013: It’s a MAD World

_MG_0520In it’s upcoming fifth season, MAD continues to persevere as part comedy sketch show and part animation festival. Older generations will perhaps be more familiar with MAD the magazine, iconic for it’s parodies and of course Alfred E. Neuman, but the show has undoubtedly reached a new generation of avid fans.

Show creator Kevin Shinick spoke with Poptimal.com on the upcoming season where audiences can look forward to Saved by Adele, a parody on the famous nineties tween sitcom Saved by the Bell. This time however the Bayside High students can’t understand why people are watching Glee instead of them. Well that’s because the students in Glee actually sing. In comes in Adele to teach them how to properly croon.

Another upcoming sketch is Pacific Ringers, a play on the Guillermo del Toro film Pacific Rim. Viewers will be treated to robot wrestlers fighting monsters.

With the 100th episode around the corner, MAD is sure to bring in the laughs as they double the length of the show from eleven minutes to twenty-two to bring more parodies, more Spy vs. Spy, a look back at the last four seasons and other surprises.

Additionally, MAD continues  to bring a wide variety of animation styles to make certain that the jokes are delivered in the best way possible. This includes paper cut out puppets. Yes, you read right.

As for anything too controversial that might be vetoed by Cartoon Network executives, apparently that hasn’t happened yet. Thank goodness for that.

Image courtesy of Nicole C for Poptimal.com

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