Comic-Con 2013: NTSF:SD:SUV Gains Karen Gillan


For season three, NTSF:SD:SUV or National Terrorism Strike Force: San Diego: Sports Utility Vehicle, added the talented Karen Gillan to its cast as Daisy, the “Q” (James Bond’s gadget person) of the team.

Gillan will also be playing Nebula in Marvel’s Guardian’s of the Galaxy and we saw her with her fantastic wig before she took it off for the Guardian’s panel.

NTSF creator and star Paul Scheer spoke about how Daisy wasn’t going to be introduced as a new member but that she had always been there and just unacknowledged until now. He goes on to say that with people’s busy schedules, they remain flexible about who comes in and out of the show. Rebecca Romijn, for example, isn’t present this season because she was filming King and Maxwell, but her character was not written off.

Filming only took twenty-two days, where according to Scheer, the vibe was fun and quick.

Kate Mulgrew finished Orange is the New Black, came in, shot, and had to go back to New York for a play. June (Diane Raphael) was shooting a pilot for NBC and just came in. Everyone kind of pops in,” said Scheer.

This season, NTSF headed to London, where on the show, the San Diego team liaises with the STSF:UK:DDB, the Socialized Terrorism Strike Force: United Kingdom: Double Decker Bus. However, they’ve only gone to Little London, a neighborhood in San Diego.

“When we first see Big Ben, we are like, that looks terrible,” Scheer laughs.

Producer Jonathan Stern confessed that they were worried audiences would think that they faked the location. They ended up filming in front of Big Ben, St. Paul’s Cathedral and other distinctly London landmarks.

“Three years ago we went to Brazil for a thirty second scene in Children’s Hospital. We busted our asses, we were on the plane for eighteen hours and we all got there. We came back and everyone was like, that green screen was really convincing,” said Stern.

You can watch NTSF:SD:SUV on Adult Swim, Thursdays at 12:15 am.


Image courtesy of Nicole C. for Poptimal.com

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