Pretty Little Liars Review: Creeptastic

Pretty Little Liars - 1st image - Season 4And we’re back! After last week’s episode, which left me with some mixed feelings, Pretty Little Liars has returned with an episode that doesn’t mix my feelings at all. It. Was. Great. (And freaking creepy.)

Let’s start with the light and get darker, shall we?

So Ezra got some bad news. In hopes of getting his name on Malcolm’s birth certificate, he had a paternity test done and, guess what? He is NOT the father! Ezra is, of course, heartbroken and angry, and Maggie doesn’t have much to say for herself aside from “sorry.” Wow. Just wow.  Of course, Ezra almost immediately calls Aria, but unfortunately for him, his call is denied.

Aria is too busy with Jake. She goes to Philly with him to see a fight he’s in, and also to do some snooping. Caleb has tracked down CeCe’s address, so she heads there to see what she can find out. CeCe’s old roommate is packing up and she tells Aria CeCe was kicked out of college because of Ali, who pushed someone down the stairs at a frat party. Apparently, CeCe hated Ali and all of Ali’s friends. Hmm. And yet, we still don’t know where she’s vanished to. Aria then rushes off to Jake’s fight, and they make eyes at each other and kiss a bunch. Poor Ezra.

Spencer is busy trying to help Toby figure out things regarding his mother. They go to find the doctor who treated Toby’s mom, the one who is now in a mental hospital himself, and Toby takes him this sheet music his mother used to play. Sadly, the doctor’s dementia is too bad for him to understand the conversation. Spencer begins playing the sheet music on the piano, and the doctor mistakes her for Toby’s mother. Spencer uses this to her advantage, hoping to get some info about the bond girl he warned Toby’s mother against. Sadly, this fails, but she does learn that Ali’s mom was in Radley.

Spencer talks to Ali’s mom about the doctor, and she tells Spencer that she met that doctor when she got a call that Ali was there, at Radley. Upon arriving, she found CeCe dressed in Ali’s clothes, pretending to be Ali. She came home and fought with Ali, who seemed more amused than upset. Ali’s mom tells Spencer that Ali and CeCe had an unhealthy, twisted friendship and would swap personalities. Weird! Spencer then speculates that Ali had the masks made for CeCe.

Speaking of Ali’s mom, Emily is now living in Ali’s old room while she waits for her house to be fixed. It’s super creepy, still full of Ali’s stuff. And Ali’s mom seems weird. But she and Emily have a heart to heart when Emily learns that Ali’s parents are getting divorced. Emily bonds with Ali’s mom as she, too, is going through a break up.  Ali’s mom tells Emily that she wishes Ali had loved Emily back.

Things get weird, though, when a guy comes to fix the radiator and informs Ali’s mom that she needs to go under the house. It looks like someone has been leaving down there. Emily is super creeped out (as am I!) but Ali’s mom decides not to call the police, assuming whoever was down there is long gone. I’m doubtful of that, somehow.

And then . . . Hannah. Hannah wants to go see Mona and tries to get Wren to let her in. Wren tells her he can’t, but implies that maybe CeCe has tried to see Mona. Wren is clearly up to something, though. Caleb wants to tell Spencer’s mom that “A” is back because he feels like he can’t protect her anymore. Spencer’s mom is busy, though, because Wren has shown up and claims he wants to warn her because Mona is probably after her daughter and the other girls. Because of this, Mrs. Hastings goes to see Mona and threatens her. Bad move. A tip is sent to the judge implying that Mrs. Hastings coerced Mona into a false confession. And who sent that tip in? Well, it looks like Wren.

And this is bad, bad, bad for  Hanna’s mom because now Mrs. Hastings can’t be her lawyer anymore.

OH MY GOD!!! Seriously, I’m MISSING THINGS even. So, so, so much to digest. Probably the biggest thing for me is Wren. I’ve LOVED Wren for a while now. Maybe it’s the accent, but I wanted him to be good so bad, and now it seems like he might be on the wrong side. No, no, no!!!  (But yes, yes, yes because this episode was great.)

But what did you think? Were you surprised by Wren? What is up with Ali and CeCe?  I want to know your theories!

Season 4, Episode 9: The Mirror Has Three Faces (originally aired August 13, 2013).

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Pretty Little Liars airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC Family.

Images courtesy of Disney Enterprises, Inc. and ABC Family.

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