Comic-Con 2013: ‘The World’s End’ red carpet interviews


As Edgar Wright‘s beloved Cornetto Trilogy comes to a close, the aptly titled final film The World’s End brings the director’s work with pals Simon Pegg and Nick Frost full circle in the same cheeky and heartfelt fashion the gang has virtually trademarked since their breakout hit Shaun of the Dead in 2004. Poptimal’s Erin Biglow talked with The World’s End director and co-writer Wright, co-writer and star Pegg, and co-star Frost at last month’s San Diego Comic-Con about the literal and figurative journey the blokes embarked upon while finishing this chapter in their careers and friendship. While none of the Cornetto crew could offer specific insight on what’s next, it’s safe to say fans needn’t worry about the doors closing on the potential of future projects. After all, when one world ends, another begins…right?

Check out Poptimal’s coverage of The World’s End red carpet party below!

Video shot by Keith Kuramoto and Bilal Mian
Edited by Keith Kuramoto

The World’s End hits theaters nationwide August 23

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Images and film footage courtesy of Laurie Sparham and Focus Features

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