Pretty Little Liars Review: WHAT??

Pretty Little Liars - 1st image - Season 4Oh. My. God.

Oh my God.


The midseason finale of Pretty Little Liars was absolutely insane! Every single second of it! Oh my God, I don’t even know where to start. And I can’t stop saying, “Oh my God.”


Okay, okay. Let’s take a deep breath and backtrack a little. Let’s start at the beginning.

After Travis takes his information to the police, the charges against Ashley are dropped and the cops are on the lookout for CeCe, who they now believe to be Wilden’s killer. “A” doesn’t seem happy about this. The girls start receiving creepy packages with cryptic threatens and messages – what else is new?

But this time, one message is made clear – if the girls don’t find Mona, they’ll be framed for her murder.

Caleb and Paige both seem skeptical, assuming the messages might be from Mona herself. But the girls are unsure. They begin searching for Mona, but she’s nowhere to be found. Spencer even goes by Wren’s house only to discover that he and Melissa might be back together.  She enlists Toby to help – he’s been disillusioned with “A”s hints – and he ends up tailing Jenna’s car, which is being driven by Shawna. What are those two up to? That’s still unclear.

While hunting for Mona, the girls get another note from “A” that leads them to a magic show in Ravenswood. While the girls watch the show, “A” manages to snag Emily. She calls the girls from a dark box – a coffin, perhaps – and she can hear a large saw running nearby, getting closer and closer. The girls find her in a building in a nearby sawmill. Spencer manages to shut off the saw before Emily is cut in half. The girls catch sight of Red Coat – well, two Red Coats – and Aria makes chase. She and CeCe fight, and CeCe ends up falling and landing on the ground in a heap. At first the girls thinks he’s dead, but when they turn back, she’s gone.

Spencer followed the other Red Coat, and then calls the girls to help. She thinks the other Red Coat was Ali, and she was trying to lead the girls to this building close by. The girls go in and find “A”‘s lair. There are tons of security cameras, proving their homes are being bugged. They also find jackets that imply “A” is a man. Also, apparently “A” has started a corporation, and that corporation has paid CeCe recently. The girls deduce that whoever “A” is, he or she is following Ali – who might still be alive – and he thinks Ali will be at a party that night, so of course, that’s where they are off to.

Also, I think everyone forgot about possibly dead Mona.

On their way, they run into the creepy old house mother from that sorority. The woman tells them that Ali used to call her on that phone in the scary room, and the night Ali disappeared, she went to see her. She found Ali in the backyard, reaching out of a grave. She took her to the hospital, but left her in the car, and when she returned, Ali was gone. She hasn’t seen her sense, but she “feels” her or whatever. This lady was creepy, and she implied that Ali couldn’t trust all of the girls and she doesn’t want them to find her.

Screw that, though. The girls are still totally going to that party.

But then, at the end of the episode, the unthinkable happened….

“A” walked into his lair and “A” is . . . Ezra.


Now, to be clear, I don’t buy it for a second. Just like with Toby last year, I think there are other circumstances we aren’t seeing. I do think Ezra knows more than Aria and the other girls think, but I don’t think he’s the big, over-arching “A” presence. At least, I hope not.

I do, however, believe Ali is alive.

I just don’t know how or why. And I can’t wait to find out.

So what did you think of this midseason finale? What do you hope to see in the Halloween episode? Let me know in the comments!

Season 4, Episode 12: Now You See Me, Now You Don’t (originally aired August 27, 2013).

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Pretty Little Liars airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC Family.

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  1. I was so shocked to find Esra walk in… I didnt see that coming.. I believe their more to the story i hope.. Becsuse they did the same thing about toby. But i hope im right.. I alw ays believed that ali was alive. i love the show cant wait for more to come. And also ravenswood

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