Big Brother 15 Review: Double the Pain

The 15th season of Big Brother is winding down, and only a few houseguests remain in contention for the half million-dollar prize.  In a bold move, Head of Household GinaMarie nominated power couple Amanda and McCrae, ensuring that one of them would be evicted this week.  Not surprisingly, the nominations did not sit well with Amanda.  She assumed that GinaMarie would want to avenge the eviction of her good buddy Aaryn, but she was wrong.  GinaMarie appreciated that Elissa hadn’t nominated her alongside Aaryn, even when she had to name a replacement nominee.   She chose her nominations with her head, rather than her heart.  As a result, Amanda lashed out at GinaMarie, accusing her of being jealous of her relationship with McCrae.  Nothing could have been further from the truth, and it was sad to watch Amanda attempt to bully yet another houseguest.

BB AmandaAmanda and McCrae spent a sad, weepy final week together, lamenting the fact that their time would be inevitably drawing to a close.  In the Power of Veto competition, Amanda put up a good fight, but ultimately lost to McCrae.  For a minute I wondered if McCrae would foolishly use the power of veto on Amanda rather than himself, but he wisely removed himself from the block.  GinaMarie replaced him Spencer, making him one of the most obvious pawns in recent weeks.

One of the more comical, yet effectively strategic things to witness was Amanda humbling herself in order to approach Elissa with a prospective deal.  Shockingly, Elissa was amenable to keeping the person who had been tormenting and bullying her all last week.  She thought it would be good for her game if Amanda and McCrae stuck around for at least another week, because they would be even bigger targets than she.  When they floated the idea to Andy (who has been playing both sides of the house), he pretended to go along with the plan but immediately told Judd and Spencer that Elissa was flipping.  Elissa had been part of an alliance called the Exterminators along with GinaMarie, Judd, and Spencer.  They had committed to ending “McCranda’s” reign of terror, but now Elissa has jeopardized their plan.

When it came time to cast votes for elimination, Andy wisely betrayed Amanda and planned to blame the anonymous vote to evict on Elissa, if he were confronted by McCrae at a later point.  In an effort to convince Amanda of her loyalty to their hasty new alliance, Elissa gave Amanda her wedding ring, which was insane.  I guess $500,000 can buy a new wedding ring, and one will do anything to survive from one moment to the next in the Big Brother house.  The vote ended up being tied 2-2, and GinaMarie voted to evict Amanda.

This week was jam packed with action, and we were treated to our second double eviction of the season.  McCrae was crowned new HOH and immediately nominated Elissa and GinaMarie for eviction.  Elissa had jeopardized her security in the house by voting to evict Spencer instead of Amanda, and the other Exterminators happily evicted her.  Amanda and Elissa will be joining the jury house, where hopefully Elissa can reclaim her wedding ring!  There are no true villains in the house now, so maybe we’ll witness a new sense of civility? Stay tuned!

Season 15: Episodes 29, 30. and 31. (original airdates September 1, 4, and 5, 2013.)

Big Brother airs Wednesdays at 8/7c, Thursdays 9/8c, and Sundays 8/7c on CBS.

Images courtesy of Lisette M. Azar and CBS.

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