Once Upon A Time Review: The ‘S’ Word

Once Upon A Time S3_2Poor Emma. Unfortunately, on Once Upon A Time, Peter Pan isn’t going to just hand Henry to his family, despite the fact that that they took a cross-oceanic journey to find him. Instead, Pan engages Emma in a little game. He hands her a blank piece of paper that he refers to as a map—and tells her that it will only work after she stops denying who she really is. But who is Emma? This episode takes us on that journey to get the back story on our favorite characters.

With flashbacks showing exactly how Snow White and Prince Charming got together, we realize that Snow didn’t originally believe in her own powers either. The connection between Snow’s past and Emma’s present demonstrate that the family has a long and lasting history of self-doubt. But it also gives us the clue that if Snow was able to gain confidence, then obviously Emma will be able to as well. And on a side note, it shows us that over time, Snow and Regina found someone to groom their formerly insane eyebrows. I think the makeup people on this show have a field day with the characters and their time-traveling looks.

As Emma tries to determine exactly what she needs to realize about herself before the map will work, Regina urges her to accept the fact that she’s “The S Word.” Emma agrees, and says aloud, “I am the savior.” It doesn’t work. The map remains blank, and everyone is back to square one. But while talking to Snow about her past as an orphan, Emma finally makes a very moving revelation—and the map suddenly appears.

That Dang Doll
Poor Rumpel can’t seem to let go of that darn rag doll. Even Belle—a welcome figment of his imagination—urges him to ditch it so he won’t continue to make the same mistakes with his family that Rumpel’s father made with him. But the doll refuses to get lost, later dropping right out of the sky to his feet. Burning it doesn’t seem to work either, so Rumpel reluctantly just tucks it back into his pocket. Something tells me that once he’s reunited with his family, he’ll find a way to lose that doll for good.

As interesting as this episode was, I’m eager for them to develop Captain Hook’s character a bit more. He seems like he could be a very colorful addition to the cast if they’d only give him some screen time to shine. But perhaps when Tinkerbell enters the picture next week, the characters will all come together to give us a more rounded picture of how they fit together.

Season 3 Episode 2: Lost Girl (originally aired on October 6, 2013).

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Once Upon A Time airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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