NYCC 2013: Mob City Panel

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On Saturday, New York Comic Con hosted a panel for Mob Citythe new series by Frank Darabont, whom you may know as the creator of The Walking Dead.  The series is set in the late 1940s and tells the story of the war between mobsters and police officers in Los Angeles. It will air this December on TNT.

Darabont was unable to attend the panel, but he did film a nice video intro to the footage that would be screened in which he discussed the show and his excitement for it. The first eighteen minutes of the pilot were shown, showcasing the show’s pronounced film-noir style and dark, gritty tone – a big departure from some of the other TNT series.  Oh! And there was a cool guest appearance by Simon Pegg who was almost unrecognizable and, frankly, one of the best parts of the footage.

Once the screening was over, a few of the shows stars hit the stage: Edward BurnsRobert Knepper, and Milo Ventimiglia.  All three had high praise for Darabont, saying they were eager to work on the project after hearing his name attached. Burns even went as far as to say that working on Mob City was the most fun he’s had since filming Saving Private Ryan

Burns, the only one of the three to play someone who really existed (Bugsy Siegel), also discussed preparing for the role, including his research into the role of Bugsy. Burns said the show takes some creative liberties, but that people who know their mobster history will be happy to see the things the writers stayed true to.

Knepper and Ventimiglia, who previously worked together on Heroes, said they were happy to act together again and even teased each other a bit on stage. Both actors play fictional entities. Knepper will play Syd, a mobster, while Ventimiglia plays Ned Stax, a lawyer who works with the mob. Both actors discussed the complexity of their characters, assuring the audience that there wasn’t a clear “good guy” or “bad guy” on either side of the law in Mob City.

But the star of the panel, despite his absence, was truly Frank Darabont, whom all three actors kept coming back to in their discussion. It was clear that working with Darabont was a great experience, and the cast is extremely excited about this show.

We’ll have to wait until December to see if audiences feel the same way.

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