American Horror Story: Coven Review: We Need A New Rug

American Horror Story Coven 5I love Stevie Nicks. I really, really love her. But I’m still looking for the backstory and hidden meaning behind Misty’s obsession with the singer. Watching Misty lie with Kyle on the bed as she sang along to “Sara” was a bit off-putting. And I mean that in a great way, because this season of American Horror Story: Coven felt like it could fall into some horror clichés until this week’s episode, which offered the much-needed squirm-in-your-seat touch of oddness that this series really thrives on.

While Madison and Nan are at the hot new neighbor Luke’s house to welcome him to the neighborhood, his mother (the amazing Patti LuPone) accurately senses danger and kicks them out, which prompts Madison to demonstrate that she has a new power—starting fire with her mind. The discovery of a new skill is eye-opening for Madison—and even more so for Fiona, who realizes that the additional powers make Madison a candidate to be the next Supreme. And with a new and scary terminal diagnosis from her doctor, Fiona doesn’t need the competition.

A billiards-shooting, shot drinking montage shows us that Fiona is bonding with Madison over the younger witch’s standing as “the next Supreme.” But naturally it’s just a ruse for the genius Fiona to suck Madison into her close quarters. “Kill me for the sake of the Coven,” Fiona urges her. But when Madison refuses, Fiona slashes the young girl’s throat instead. Of course the freaky butler sees the whole thing and has a handkerchief at the ready so Fiona can dry her hands before she coolly lights a cigarette and mutters, “This Coven doesn’t need a new Supreme. It needs a new rug.” My God that’s a genius line.

Something tells me that the butler will have a bigger role going forward, since he saw Fiona murder the previous Supreme in the 1970s and now witnesses this similar situation. The assumption is that he’s mute, since Fiona asked him 40 years ago if the “cat had his tongue,” but knowing how the AHS series operates, the minor issue of muteness would be no obstacle from making him a major character. Please make this happen, FX!

Back to Mama
Meanwhile, Zoe feels so terrible about tearing Kyle away from his grieving mother (Mare Winningham) that she removes him from Misty’s care and dumps his Frankenbody back at his family home. Problem is that his mom wasn’t just grieving over the loss of her son—she was also devastated at losing her lover. Yep, she’s a molester. This certainly explains the look of horror that appeared on Kyle’s face when Zoe initially dropped him off at his mother’s place.

Fortunately, the new “pieced together” Kyle isn’t quite as compliant as he must have been before he was stitched back together. So, he bashes his mom’s head in with his old swim team trophy and then wanders around his dark house covered in blood from head to toe until Zoe discovers him.

Wanted: A Witch Baby
Still unable to conceive a child, Delia heads to the only remaining person who she believes can help her get pregnant—Marie Laveau. The solution? “Bring us two ounces of your husband’s baby gravy in a Mason jar,” Laveau prescribes. That, along with a new moon and $50,000 will result in pregnancy with a 100 percent success rate—but unfortunately Delia was “born into the wrong tribe” and Laveau refuses to perform the voodoo procedure on any offspring of Fiona’s.

While Laveau is laughing off Delia’s request, her husband—the minotaur—is seeking revenge on Madame LaLaurie (whose punishment for her modern-day racism is to serve as Queenie’s personal slave). Instead of chasing away the minotaur, Queenie tries to seduce him. Although we aren’t sure exactly how this ends just yet, it could prove to be an excellent plot twist going forward if, perhaps, Queenie sides with the minotaur over LaLaurie.

Season 3 Episode 3: The Replacements (originally aired on October 23, 2013).

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American Horror Story Coven airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on FX.

Images courtesy of Michele K. Short/FX Networks.

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