New Girl and The Mindy Project Reviews: Mr. Wedding and the Best Camper

New GirlThis week’s episodes of New Girl and The Mindy Project were full of insanity – from weddings to bear traps, it was a little ridiculous, but in the way we expect from these shows.

So let’s break it down, shall we?

New Girl
After some teasing from Coach, Nick is feeling insecure about his manhood, and he’s determined to prove himself. So, logically, he decides Thanksgiving should be a camping expedition. Everyone – especially Winston – is feeling a bit apprehensive about this, but they play along. Schmidt even goes overboard, reading up about camping and finding a cowboy hat. He’s never been camping, but he thinks he could be the best camper. Meanwhile, Nick has only packed beer because he’s convinced they need to hunt and forage for their Thanksgiving meals.

Nick, Schmidt, and Coach go off to find something to hunt while Jess, CeCe, and Winston stay behind picking berries. Coach acts like he knows nothing about camping and lets Schmidt take the lead. At least until Schmidt hurts himself and Coach has to make him a sling out of a shirt. Turns out, Coach used to be an Eagle Scout; he was just pretending to be inexperienced to make Schmidt feel good about himself after the whole Cece date thing. Nick, meanwhile, is setting up bear traps and trying to catch a fish. He ends up finding one that was already dead, but he’s proud nonetheless.

Back at camp, Cece and Winston are starving and fed up, so Jess drives them to the store where they grab a bunch of fruit and vegetables that they might convince Nick were found in the woods. When Nick returns, he figures it out and is very upset. Jess tries to comfort him, going so far as to eat the fish. Dead fish apparently has some negative effects, because Jess begins to hallucinate and wanders off. The group goes after her, but Jess ends up falling in Nick’s bear trap.

She wakes up in the hospital, and Nick apologizes for acting crazy. The whole group ends up having Thanksgiving dinner around Jess’s hospital bed.

Can I be honest? I’ve never been the biggest fan of Nick, but this season, I’m finding him even more annoying than usual. This episode was no exception. I just find his and Jess’s relationship kind of dull, and Nick’s become more annoying since then. Am I crazy for thinking this? I liked hte episode over all, but Nick just pushed my buttons more than usual. Why does Jess put up with his crap?? Oh well. At least Schmidt and Coach and Winston were hilarious.

The Mindy ProjectThe Mindy Project
When Mindy is invited to her ex-boyfriend Josh’s wedding, she is desperate for a date to prove to him that she isn’t sad. Danny is out of the picture. His brother is coming to town and he’s having a party. Mindy is about to resort to calling an escort when Peter volunteers to go with her. Mindy is hesitant, but she ends up agreeing, and when he shows up at her house looking awesome in a tux, her hesitation goes out the door.

Meanwhile, everyone has noticed that Danny’s brother is gay, and they wonder if he’s in town to come out to Danny. But when Danny reveals that he knows his brother is gay and is cool with it, the question of why he’s in NYC becomes more complicated. Turns out, the father that abandoned them has been in touch. Danny is furious and wants his brother to have nothing to do with their father. Danny reminds him that this man is the reason his brother never had a real dad. But his brother tells him that he did – Danny was basically his dad (awww!) and he was a good one, so he doesn’t feel the same resentment towards their father.

At the wedding, Mindy is feeling grumpy until Peter – who is Mr. Wedding – drags her onto the dance floor. Things are looking up for a while, even Josh compliments Mindy. But then Mindy and Josh catch Peter hooking up with the bride (who is a sex addict). Josh is embarrassed and doesn’t want to tel the guests what happened, so Mindy decides to do what she does best – ruin a wedding. She announces to everyone that she tried to sleep with Josh and was caught by the bride, who stormed out. Everyone hates her, but no one hates Josh. Mission accomplished.

On the way to Danny’s party afterwards, Peter apologizes and admits tonight was the first night in a while he hasn’t thought of his ex. Mindy tells him he’s not such a bad guy, and he is then convinced Mindy is in love with him. Oh boy.

This episode was pretty great. Not the best of the season, but it was nice to see Mindy owning her reputation for ruining things. It was also nice to see her doing it selflessly. Also, lots of great Danny scenes. Definitely a good episode for character development!

But what did you think? Are you a fan of Nick? Is Peter growing on you? How did you feel about this week’s episodes? tell me in the comments.

Season 3, Episode 10: Thanksgiving III (originally aired November 26, 2013).

Season 2, Episode 10: Wedding Crushers (originally aired November 26, 2013).

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New Girl and The Mindy Project air Tuesdays at 9 p.m. and 9:30 p.m on FOX

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