Once Upon a Time Review: Regina Gets to Shine

Once Upon A Time S3_3I have to admit that during the past few weeks of Once Upon a Time, I’ve been growing annoyed at how Regina’s been shoved aside in the search for Henry. Sure, Emma, Neal, Rumple, Snow and Charming are Henry’s biological family members. But as his adoptive mother, Regina should be just as devastated about the fact that he’s missing as the rest of the crew, and this week’s episode allowed her to have some “mom time” in the spotlight.

Granted, early in Henry’s life, Regina clearly cared more about Storybrooke than her son, but she proved to be a committed parent after all. This left the second string parents—John and Michael Darling of the old Peter Pan story fame—empty-handed. It did get a little creepy after she confirmed the adoption and took him to her father’s mausoleum to mix up a few evil potions right in front of the baby, but nonetheless she did seem to be a good mommy.

The Big Reveal

Although the outing of Peter Pan as Rumple’s father in the previous episode was only apparent to the viewers, this episode showed Pan reveal it to Regina, Emma and Snow. It sort of made me wonder why they didn’t come out and ask him how he could do such evil things to his own grandson.

It didn’t matter in the end, since Regina continued to be completely badass in the truest sense of that word this episode and earned Henry’s heart back from Pan’s clutches, as well as securing the Pandora’s Box.

Henry the Hero

When the group finally comes across Henry, they’re able to reinstall his heart in time for him to survive (not sure how he didn’t have an issue living sans heart all that time). They also whisk him off Neverland and onto Hook’s ship, where the parental bonding theme continues between Neal and Rumple. But while everyone is having a good old time on deck, they leave Henry alone on the Lido deck to fight the returning Pan on his own? That makes no sense. Unfortunately, we discover that Pan did the old switcheroo. Henry is stuck inside of Pandora’s Box and Pan is really on the ship pretending to be Henry.

This ending left me shaking my head, mainly since I feel like the Peter Pan storyline is completely played out. It’s time for the group to head back to Storybrooke, welcome Ariel and Wendy into the town, and move on to a new plot. Here’s to hoping that next week finds Pan falling off of the ship and getting eaten by a crocodile with a ticking clock in his stomach.

Season 3 Episode 9: Save Henry (originally aired on December 1, 2013).

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Once Upon a Time airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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