American Horror Story: Coven Review: Long Live Fiona

American Horror Story Coven 5How did Myrtle ever get to be in charge of the witch version of the Jedi Council if she is so easily fooled about how mortal Fiona is? This episode of American Horror Story: Coven certainly left a few unanswered questions, but was high on the drama that I absolutely love about this show.

When Fiona isn’t acting like a schoolgirl with her boyfriend the Axe Man, she’s dealing with the crippling effects of her cancer, which makes her a perfect victim for the Coven members that want to ditch her aside in favor of Misty. Why do I feel bad for Fiona’s plight? Everyone wants her dead and gone, the newly-resurrected Myrtle is taunting her, and her hair is falling out. Of course she’s a heartless bitch, but that’s why we love her, and I just don’t want her going anywhere that might take her away from us (the viewers). Fortunately, my man Spaulding and his newly-formed tongue agrees with me and makes sure that Fiona’s going to be sticking around.

Misty’s Story Evolves
We got to see a glimpse of Misty’s past, which is a relief since it was previously unclear how she fit into the story. It turns out she’s a witch who was once burned at the stake and later revived—only to bring Myrtle back to life and head to the Coven together. Myrtle wastes no time organizing the “Sacred Taking” with Delia, where they decide that Misty—Misty!—is the next supreme.

Needless to say, after Delia announces that Supremes have all had unhappy, awful lives, Misty suddenly has second thoughts about the position, but she doesn’t get a say in the matter. It turns out that the title chooses you, kind of like a wand at Hogwart’s.

I was surely hoping it would be Nan to be the next Supreme, since she’s the unsung hero of this series. And she was hoping so as well, which leads her to storm out and visit her hottie neighbor.

Speaking of him, I’m all for Patti LuPone administering what appears to be a bleach enema to her son, because I wouldn’t be watching this show if I didn’t like the crazy. But how old is that kid? He looks to be at least 30.

I think we are to assume that Delia’s former husband shot the neighbors with his silver bullet, but why would he kill them rather than Nan? I thought his mission was to destroy witches on Laveaux’s behalf—could those two be witches? It seems implausible, especially since I feel like Nan would sense it if they had any powers, since that’s her skill.

Poor LaLaurie
I’m still bored by the Madison/Zoe/Kyle storyline, and I definitely don’t care which girl he chooses—or why they so desperately want him. But those gals definitely have to start doing something interesting to keep my attention.

As for Queenie, watching her collecting dark hearts around skid row on behalf of Marie Laveaux was disappointing – I really hoped she would head back to the Coven. I feel like she’s going back to the dark side in more than one way, but at least at Laveaux’s she’s reunited with Madame LaLaurie—at least until LaLaurie becomes part of a special delivery from Laveaux to the Coven.

Overall, this week helped a lot of the story move forward, and I’m eager to see a lot more of the recharged Fiona. I feel like the head scarf she has started wearing gives her a bit of a Norma Desmond vibe, and you can’t deny the power of that.

Season 3 Episode 8: The Sacred Taking (originally aired on December 4, 2013).

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American Horror Story Coven airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on FX.

Images courtesy of Michele K. Short/FX Networks.

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