Mindy Project Review: Christmas Sex Trap

The Mindy ProjectThere wasn’t a new episode of New Girl this week, but luckily, The Mindy Project was around to keep us company. And she made us laugh quite a bit, too!

Determined to make Cliff kiss her, Mindy convinces her coworkers to host a building-wide Christmas party. Not everyone is in the holiday spirit, however. Danny, who is Mindy’s Secret Santa, and he’s just not into it. (At one point he tries to give her a stapler.) He does, however, enjoy building gingerbread houses of famous houses, which he plans to do for the Christmas party.

The Christmas party that will also be gluten free and alcohol free – the latter on Peter’s request because, according to him, he hasn’t been sober at a holiday party since he was in sixth grade, and he had two beers then.

No worries, though. Mindy has a booze bra where she can store wine, and she’ll need it. Because, as she tells Danny, she has a plan to seduce Cliff. First she’ll be seen talking to a cute guy. Then she’ll perform a sexy rendition of “Santa Baby.” Then she’ll say she needs to get some air and Cliff will follow her and they will kiss. Of course, we all know this is going to go horribly wrong.

Cliff arrives at the party and Mindy struggles to find someone to talk to. And then, by the time she gets ready for “Santa Baby” Cliff has already left. Her spotlight ends up being stolen by Maria Menounos, who is there with one of the midwives. He dumps her after her performance, though, because he’s a “feminist.” (I put that in quotes because . . . no. He’s not.) This bodes well for Peter, though, who has a crush on her. In order to hook up with her, though, he thinks he needs to drink, and Mindy’s wine bra is all empty.

Sad about Cliff, Danny decides to cheer Mindy up with his real present. He turns on Aaliyah’s “Try Again,” the first song Mindy played at the office that really annoyed him. Then he does a hilarious/adorable dance. This cheers Mindy up and the two almost kiss before Peter and Jeremy bust in. Jeremy, who has discovered he’s addicted to food, has eaten Danny’s gingerbread model of Monticello. Mindy tells Danny she’s getting some air, but he passes up going out on the terrace with her in order to clean up. (NO!!!! WHY????)

Meanwhile, Peter’s sobriety comes to his advantage because Maria needs a ride, and he is available. Go Peter!

Out on the terrace, Mindy is talking to a pigeon when Cliff shows up. He’d left the party in order to end things with Heather, the girl he’d been seeing, because he realized his chance with Mindy wasn’t going to last. They kiss on the terrace while, inside, Danny watches and looks sad.

I typically don’t love Christmas episodes of TV shows, but this was absolutely perfect. Danny’s dance made the whole episode ten times more awesome. It was funny and sweet and gave me so many Mindy/Danny feels! LOVED IT.

But what about you? Do you think Danny was bummed to see Mindy and Cliff kissing? Is Peter growing on you? Tell me what you think!

Season 2, Episode 11: Christmas Party Sex Trap (originally aired December 3, 2013).

The Mindy Project air Tuesdays at 9:30 p.m on FOX

Images courtesy of FOX.

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