Pretty Little Liars Review: Jekyll and Hyde

Pretty Little Liars - 1st image - Season 4Pretty Little Liars finally returned this week, and while there was some good stuff in there, I have to say, I was a little let down. After the big reveal in the Halloween episode that Ali is alive, I was expecting big drama this week. Instead, it felt a little more like filler. But let’s get into it, shall we?

After discovering that Ali is alive, the girls also have to deal with their realization that they aren’t happy about it. Hanna also presents a theory – to the surprise of Spencer – that the body in Ali’s coffin must belong to someone else. Whoever claimed it was Ali was covering it up. Hanna has the idea to look for other missing girls in the area who might have been buried in Ali’s coffin. She ends up finding a girl named Sarah who disappeared around the same time. Hanna touches base with Sarah’s friends, telling them they “have a lot in common.” She and Emily end up meeting with two of Sarah’s friends – the third is absent because, as we later learn, she is always on sleeping pills and is convinced Sarah is still alive. Hanna’s hopes are dashed, though, when it is revealed with Sarah was seen a day after Ali would have been buried.

Meanwhile, Spencer is taking a break from the Ali drama to help out Toby. He’s gotten enough evidence to know that his mother didn’t kill herself, and he wants others to know it, too. Spencer goes into full on attack mode when she takes Toby to confront a woman who works for the parent company who owns Radley. She assures her that if a statement isn’t made clearing Toby’s mother of her alleged suicide, she’ll make them look terrible. The woman ends up caving and Radley admits oversight. But when they tell Spencer’s dad the news, he gets weirdly involved. He says that if they pushed harder, they could get Radley closed for good. Spencer seems wary of her father’s involvement, but Toby seems interested and going farther.

Meanwhile, Ezra apologizes to Aria for what happened when he thought Malcolm was his son, and despite still being with Jake, she seems drawn to him. What she doesn’t see is the war of words he has with Mona. These two had a Creep Off, both saying things in subtle ways and pushing each other. It’s implied that Mona knows Ezra is “A.” (Something I still don’t believe. Some might call it denial, but I was right about Toby, wasn’t I?) Ezra continues to lure Aria in, even spending some alone time with her that made even me – the skeptic – nervous.

Speaking of a couple causing me anxiety, Caleb came back. At first his and Hanna’s reunion was sweet, but it became bitter all too soon when he told her he’d be returning to Ravenswood. Hanna fears the worst – that Caleb might have feelings for Miranda – and while Caleb denies this, he doesn’t give Hanna much to go on, keeping everything that’s happened in Ravenswood a secret (a nice way to avoid spoilers for those who aren’t caught up on Ravenswood yet.)  In the end, he leaves, and they have a heartbreaking goodbye.

And then there’s Emily. Poor Emily has seemed so distant and cold. After meeting up with one of Sarah’s friends again, Emily admits to Paige that she kissed Ali once. At first she saw it as a gift, but later realized that it meant nothing to Ali. Ali broke her heart and didn’t even care. Which explains why Emily can’t seem to muster up the joy of knowing Ali is alive.

Later, Hanna reveals that she took a journal from “A”‘s lair. It’s one of Ali’s old journals, in which she wrote some stuff about all the girls. And from the look on their faces, it wasn’t good stuff. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Not a terrible episode by any means, but it just didn’t come in with a bang like I’d hoped. I still think the rest of this season could be awesome, though. What about you?

Season 4, Episode 14: Who’s in the Box? (originally aired January 7, 2014).

Pretty Little Liars airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC Family.

Images courtesy of Andrew Eccles, Disney Enterprises, Inc. and ABC Family.

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