Fantastic Four Reboot: Doctor Doom Is A Woman?

Remember that Fantastic Four Movie from 2005 starring, Jessica Alba (Sue Storm), Ioan Gruffudd (Reed Richards), Michael Chiklis (Thing), and Chris Evans (Johnny Storm)?  Okay, now remember how it sucked and was the epitome of Hollywood’s inability to consistently get comic book movies right?  Well, they are trying again, this time casting younger and newer faces.  The difference is this time, the possible foursome can act. 

Here are my thoughts.  As always, you may disagree.  If so, get off your backside and let me know by commenting below or tweeting me @Ference!  If not, I will just believe I am perpetually correct.

Doctor Doom Is A Woman?

Doctor Doom Is A WomanBefore I get to the possible cast members, the biggest surprise is that Doctor Doom, the villain, will possibly be a woman.  Sources reveal that Dr. Doom is said to be the villain of the reboot, and that “the studio is likely to go for a big name and isn’t ruling out switching genders for the role.”

I’m all for it.  I only have two concerns about this announcement.  First, are they doing a Doctor Who-type tease, where they announce they are open to a woman for the part but actually have no intention of casting one?  Instead, the purpose of  the statement is to only create buzz for the film.  (See My Article: Black Doctor Who Is A Prick Tease: Stop Trying To Date Him). I am less concerned about this happening because the director has already shown that he willing to break open traditional roles by casting Michael B. Jordan as The Human Torch.  That bodes well.

Second, whether she will be written as a truly evil character.  I don’t need much back story or reason for her to be evil . . . just be evil.  Don’t pull any punches or try to write her softer.  Don’t write her as crazy so she can be dismissed as a ‘crazy bitch.’  Just write her brilliantly evil.  There are plenty of women in Hollywood that could pull it off.  Find them and give them a chance.

The Human Torch (Johnny Storm)

Doctor Doom Is A Woman

The only one of the following actors officially attached to the Fantastic Four reboot is Michael Bakari Jordan.  The movie is being directed by Josh Trank who worked with Jordan in Chronicle (2005).  Even though Jordan was notably snubbed by the Oscars this year, he continues to take challenging roles and deliver flawlessly.  It’s becoming harder to ignore his talent and growing fan base with a resume touting major roles in: Friday Night LightsThe Wire, and Fruitvale Station, and minor roles in mainstream shows like Parenthood.

Our sources say the following actors have “tested” and are likely win the remaining roles as members of the team.

Invisible Woman (Sue Storm)

Doctor Doom Is A Woman

It looks like it is down to two possible actresses, Kate Mara (House of Cards) or Emily Rossum (Shameless).  Her portrayal of the  young, smart, and ambitious reporter who bangs old man, and House Majority Whip, Kevin Spacey *Gag*, has helped to put web-based “TV” series on the map.  Although she comes from one of the wealthiest and well known families in America, her acting has been superb and pop culture gurus like me have been craving a good role for her since Jack and Bobby.

On the other hand, Rossum is an indie favorite who burst on the scene starring opposite actor Zach Gilford (FNL) in DARE.  Her most prominent role was as Christine in Phantom of The Opera, which netted her a Golden Globe nomination.  She can regularly be seen on Showtime’s Shameless where she plays Fiona, the eldest of the  Gallagher children and responsible for raising her siblings.

Rossum edges Mara in talent, but Mara is easier on the eyes.  Either would be better than Jessica Alba, but my money is on Mara.

Ben Grimm (Thing)

Doctor Doom Is A Woman

What is a Hollywood movie or TV show these days without an English actor?  Christian Cook (Doctor Who, The Promise) fits the bill.  My Snowden-sense (like Spidey-sense only more paranoid and cowardly) is tingling and I’m starting to suspect covert collusion between SAG and BAFTA.  His most recent role was in Magic City, which, being honest, I could not watch without following asleep halfway through an episode.  It was the writing, not the acting.  He is easy on the eyes and, as we know, every British actor is great actor.  Right?  Plus, what does “It’s Clobbering Time!” sound like with an accent?

Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic)

Doctor Doom Is A Woman

Miles Teller (21 & Over, The Awkward Moment) tested for the leader of the foresome, Mr. Fantastic.  To be honest, I’m not overly excited about this pick.  It is not him or his acting.  I loved Project X and I think he did a decent job in the Awkward Moment (along side Jordan).  Reed Richards is just the lamest of the four superheros.  Mr. Fantastic is a forced attempt by the comic book writers to suspend reality and force us to believe that head scientist was the coolest.  He was always a fail for me.  But I will not hold that against Teller.

They are still casting so there will be more to report later.  Follow me @TheFerence

Fantastic Four Reboot: Jordan, Mara, Rossum, Cook, Telle

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