Pacific Rim Interview: Heather Doerksen

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Robots vs. Monsters, that’s one way to look at director Guillermo del Toro’s summer blockbuster Pacific Rim. Set in the near future, the planet finds itself on the brink of destruction from the Kaiju, giant monsters that have risen from the Pacific Ocean. With the death toll rising and Earth’s resources nearly spent, the world powers band together to combat the threat by creating Jaegers, giant metal robots that are simultaneously controlled by two pilots.

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Revolution’s Billy Burke Interview

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In Breaking Dawn Part 2, there’s a moment where Jacob confronts Bella’s father Charlie in his backyard. In a counter-intuitive effort to convince Charlie that his daughter is in safe hands, young Jacob strips down to his underwear, transforms into a Furby-esque wolf and pounces upon the bewildered parent. It’s a ridiculous scene, but if there’s any actor who can convey Charlie’s stupefied reaction with a modicum of dignity, it’s Billy Burke.

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Battleship Review: How Product Integration Should Be Done

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I am almost prepared to call the makers of the new film Battleship brilliant. And I say almost because, as enjoyable Battleship is, its...

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Common Law Interview: Let’s Hear it for the Boys

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Ahead of Common Law’s USA Network debut, Poptimal.com got the chance to sit down with the cast and crew of this new series about two cops...

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Common Law: An Early Preview

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Thanks to USA Network, we’ve all got another reason to love the summertime. On May 11, the network will unveil its stunning new series,...

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