Poptimal.com's WUN2K w/ Erin Biglow S2 Ep. 3 – GOP, X Factor, ANTM, Lohan Playboy, Alec Baldwin

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In this episode: The GOP Candidates, Va Tech Shooting (again), X Factor, Lindsay Lohan Playboy, Jennifer Aniston, Alec Baldwin, Americas Next Top Model.

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America’s Next Top Model All-Stars Review: Float Like A Goddess, Sink Like A Tree

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Last night was the finale of America’s Next Top Model: All-Stars and the many outcomes and dramatic reveals did not disappoint. Getting to the end of the episode was almost downright unbelievable! Before I totally blow it and uncontrollably blurt out the ending, let’s go through the whirlwind of challenges that the models had to endure one last time.

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America’s Next Top Model All-Stars Review: The Top Three Revealed

Posted by on Dec 2, 2011 in Television | 34 comments

We’re one week away from the season finale when Tyra crowns one lucky girl as the first ever all-star model. The competition has always been pretty fierce but now it’s really coming down to the wire and last week’s highlight episode reminded us just what each model is fighting for.

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America’s Next Top Model All-Stars Review: The Pot Ledom Olympics

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Only a few episodes and models remain on America’s Next Top Model: All-Stars. The ladies are in beautiful Greece for the remainder of the competition and despite the peaceful serenity of the deep blue oceans and stunning landscapes, the dramas are still flowing. Everyone seems to feel directly threatened by at least one of the other girls but Miss J. Alexander is about to make it all that much more complicated.

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America’s Next Top Model Review: My Big, Fat, Greek Photo Shoot

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The models were smashing plates in celebration last night, and not just because Alexandria was sent home leaving a remaining six ladies to compete, but because the much anticipated destination of Tyra’s choice where the models’ final showdown would ultimately take place was finally announced: Greece! Confetti fell from the ceiling of the model house as Andre broke the exciting news to the girls and the dinnerware destruction commenced.

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