Supernatural Review: A Supernatural Ghost Story

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In what feels like a shoutout to American Horror Story, Sam and Dean come upon a house filled with ghosts as they try and find their fellow hunter Annie. Meanwhile Bobby is still haunting them, attempting to make contact and to do ghostly things like move objects. He’s failing miserably though and yelling balls left and right.

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Supernatural Review: Party On Garth!

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DJ Qualls is back as hunter Garth Fitzgerald IV, bringing his monster slaying skills while having Bell Biv Devoe’s Poison playing in the background. That is freaking awesome. Amongst other things that was awesome, this episode was all about a Japanese alcohol spirit called a Shojo that you can only see when your drunk. Drunk hunters trying to kill a very pissed of spirit makes for entertaining television.

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Supernatural Review: Bobby Runs From Death's Door

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This week’s mid-season finale for Supernatural was a doozy. A doozy because I can’t decide whether I’m happy or sad that we still don’t know if Bobby Singer is really moving to the after life or stubbornly sticking around. The last episode was a shocking cliffhanger in itself after fleeing from Dick Roman and the other leviathans; Bobby gets shot in the head. Now the old hunter is in the hospital with Sam and Dean desperately waiting to find out if their adoptive father is going to make it through. Situation is looking grim.

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Supernatural Review: When Turducken Goes Bad

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There is something special about Dick Roman. He’s a billionaire, best-selling author, and potential candidate for the presidency. What if one of our current presidential candidates was secretly the head Leviathan? Or possibly all of them. That would make for some interesting debates. This week the stakes get higher as we are reunited with Edgar and Dr. Sexy, the later running experiments in New Jersey. The project is in it’s human testing phase as the hunters take notice through a story called the ‘Human Burrito’.

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Supernatural Review: Revenge of The Body Snatcher

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The episode aptly titled ‘And Then There Were None’ is befitting for the body count racked up in this latest Supernatural adventure. Okay not that it was particularly large in quantity, but to be perfectly spoilerific – Gwen (Campbell), Rufus, and Samuel all bite the dust.

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