‘Supernatural’ Review: Do You Believe in Miracles

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The season nine finale of Supernatural had it’s good points and bad points, but in the end, audiences are taken down a path that the Winchesters haven’t traveled yet and that’s a great thing.

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Supernatural Review: Crowley Saves the Day

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Thank god the midseason break is over because Supernatural is back and it’s as intense as ever. Oh you know that whole thing with Kevin being killed by Gadreel after fully taking over Sam’s body.

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Supernatural Review: Party On Garth!

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DJ Qualls is back as hunter Garth Fitzgerald IV, bringing his monster slaying skills while having Bell Biv Devoe’s Poison playing in the background. That is freaking awesome. Amongst other things that was awesome, this episode was all about a Japanese alcohol spirit called a Shojo that you can only see when your drunk. Drunk hunters trying to kill a very pissed of spirit makes for entertaining television.

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Supernatural Review: Cas Still Doesn't Get Jokes

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For as many times as the Winchesters have died, the only other character that seems to keep coming back is Cas. Not that I’m complaining though and it does give me some hope that Bobby will also many some kind of comeback! This week’s episode sees Sam in the loony bin and the returns of our favorite angel plus one familiar demon.

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Comic-Con 2011: Supernatural Pressroom – Season 7, Crowley, Cas and More

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While sadly we didn’t get a chance to talk to all of the Supernatural team at Comic-Con this year, we got some great insight into where...

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