Author Interview: Lisa Brackmann’s "Getaway"

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In Lisa Brackmann’s Getaway, readers are whisked away to a foreign land where you meet a host of interesting albeit dangerous characters. Set in beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Michelle is a middle-aged Los Angeles native who finds herself in over her head while vacationing in Mexico. She encounters the mysterious Danny, a man to whom she is undeniably attracted too but knowing him gets her into all sorts of trouble.

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Act of Valor Review: Don't Take My Membership

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Please don’t revoke my American citizenship!

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This Means War Review: Better Than You’d Think

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My expectations for This Means War were not very high. With a corny premise and a forgettable trailer, the bar was set pretty low. What I did expect was an hour and a half of eye-candy in the forms of Tom Hardy and Chris Pine, the two male leads. Well, I got that, for sure—but the movie was actually pretty good, too.

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Covert Affairs Review: That Was Sooo a Break-Up Kiss

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I’m always excited for a new episode of Covert Affairs – life at the CIA is never dull, that’s a sure thing, and Annie’s adventures keep...

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Comic-Con 2011: Covert Affairs Panel and Interview

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The espionage drama Covert Affairs follows the top-secret exploits of a young CIA operative as she struggles to retain her cover and her limbs while scaling buildings and dodging villains around the globe.

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