The Vampire Diaries Review: Death Be Merry at the Monster’s Ball

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We’re celebrating the Whitmore Historical Ball on this episode of The Vampire Diaries, and just about every character is gonna come close to death at one point.

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The Vampire Diaries Review: Did You Ask for More Doppelgangers?

Posted by on Oct 19, 2013 in Featured Article, Sci Fi/Horror, Television, Vampire Diaries | 0 comments

The Vampire Diaries has never been a show to lack ambition. This week, we got to learn the origin story of Silas, and meet the slightly unstable woman who basically caused this whole mess 2,000 years ago. Lots of crazy witchery and period piece flashbacks? Count me in.

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NYCC 2013: The CW’s ‘Reign’ Premiere and Interview

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The CW’s Reign premiered to a packed house at New York Comic-Con, making it clear there will be much to keep audiences interested in the story of Mary, Queen of Scots (as if there were any reason not to be).

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The Vampire Diaries Review: Katherine Pierce on Becoming Human

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The second episode of The Vampire Diaries confirmed the enthusiasm I had behind the season premiere. We are jumping back into the convictions of our characters, no longer limited by fast-talking conversations that still manage to last ten minutes about one specific piece of mythology. We deserved a better balance, and the fifth season has given it to us so far. There were plenty of moments for fans of the show to “lose it” on, so let’s not waste anymore time on an introductory paragraph.

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Comic Con 2013: Saying Goodbye to Nikita

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It’s the final season of Nikita, and even though it could be a sad thing, the cast seemed mostly upbeat at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. The Fringe cast felt the same way last year, going into their final few episodes—thankful for the chance to tell the end to their story in the way their writers and creators imagined.

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