Californication Review: And Justice For All

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It’s official: Tom Kapinos has hit the reboot button on Californication with the season four finale, creating the freshest start for both Hank Moody and the show itself since it started back in 2007.

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Californication Review: The Last Supper

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In a generally mixed-bag season, showrunner Tom Kapinos has thrown the ultimate curve-ball: Hank is guilty.

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Californication Review: The Trial

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“The Trial” once again shows Californication at its strongest, with the characters taking over and letting the story come from them rather than force contrivances into the narrative.

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Californication Review: Another Perfect Day

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“Another Perfect Day” marks the start of the final arc of Californication coming to fruition, one that has been teased since the season opener: Hank’s innocence, or lack thereof.

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Californication Review: Lights, Camera, A**hole

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With only five episodes remaining in the season, Californication is shaping up to end on an upswing – if they’re smart, so will Hank Moody.

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