Gossip Girl Review: It’s Alive!

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  Remember a few years ago when Bart Bass died? Remember the tears? Chuck’s breakdown? The drama that ensued?  Well, turns out, it...

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Gossip Girl Review: The Bass Is Out of the Bag!

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I actually quite enjoyed this week’s Gossip Girl, despite its continuing character assassination of Serena. Eh, I never liked her much anyway. And since this week had a major Chuck plot line, you know it won me over.

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Gossip Girl Review: Masked Men

Posted by on Nov 16, 2011 in Television | 4 comments

I was really looking forward to this week’s Gossip Girl.  It was highly hyped, mostly for featuring the show Sleep No More and for being...

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Gossip Girl Review: Long Live the Queen B

Posted by on Nov 10, 2011 in Feature, Television | 2 comments

Gossip Girl returned this week after a short hiatus, and I’m going to be honest, I think this was the best episode of the season thus far....

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Gossip Girl Review: Royal Pains

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It’s Yom Kippur on the Upper East Side, and nothing raises the tension like a bunch of rich people who can’t eat all day. Add in a pregnancy announcement, a royal family with a feud, and a movie deal and you’ve got high drama about to erupt.

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